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For the first time ever, you can work directly with Tripadvisor to impact your ranking on our platform. We’ll collect more reviews on your behalf to help increase your visibility and assure guests that you’re providing a travel experience that is memorable, healthy and safe.

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Impact your ranking and bubble score on Tripadvisor

Make it easy for travelers to brag about their stay — and build your credibility along the way.

  • Lean on us to deliver automated review requests on your behalf (Let us do the work for you!)
  • Reach your guests where they are: Collect more reviews across email, text, and app
Respond to Review
Never miss a review

Stay connected with your guests by responding to their thoughts, suggestions, and concerns.

  • Get real-time review notifications so you can deal with issues as they arise and thank travelers for positive reviews
  • Choose when and how you’re notified so you can act quickly on guest feedback
All Reviews
Save time in responding to guests

Easily manage your reputation across multiple platforms.

  • See your reviews across Tripadvisor, Google and Facebook — all on the same page
  • Use one centralized dashboard to respond to reviews and save precious time
Review Drivers
Improve the guest experience

Get summarized insights about all stays at your property.

  • Use Tripadvisor’s industry-leading review insights — and take actionable steps to make guests love you even more
  • Discover what’s driving both positive and negative guest feedback

Bookings are driven by reviews

Travelers depend on guest feedback to make decisions. As travel starts to pick up again, it’s essential to prove your credibility and instill confidence in potential guests to make them want to book with you.


of Tripadvisor users say that Tripadvisor reviews help them feel more confident in their decisions

Source: Power of Reviews, by Tripadvisor, in partnership with Ipsos MORI

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