Ten Twitter Update Ideas

Use this social media tool to share, engage and build relationships

As a social media channel, Twitter is growing exponentially. If you’ve just set up an account for your property, you may be overwhelmed by its speed, not to mention the language – hashtags, re-tweets, favorites. How can you utilize this medium successfully to promote your business and create conversation?

You’ll notice similarities to the ideas we suggested for Facebook in this related post. Most important among these are to remember to keep the sales pitches to a minimum. The idea is to foster relationships and become a trusted information source. Your “followers” can stop doing so with a quick click, and they will if all they hear from you is self-promotion.

Here are ten “tweet” ideas for your next update that will encourage engagement: 

Comment and observe

Share your take on current news, or lifestyle and industry trends, and apply it to something happening in your business.

EXAMPLE: European chefs have embraced gluten-free cuisine. Our Executive Chef Pierre Blanc has created a new #gfree menu: [link to the page on your website] #celiac

React, respond, and re-tweet

You should be listening as well as talking on Twitter. Respond to others’ tweets, and show your admiration or appreciation by making the tweet a “favorite” or re-tweeting it to your followers. Re-tweet information from your local tourism promotion organization, museums, attractions, and restaurants about new programs and upcoming events. You can also retweet someone else’s observation, inserting a preface about how you agree or disagree.

EXAMPLE: We can’t wait to see this! RT @museum The Egyptian Mummy exhibition opens next week; purchase your tickets in advance.

Create your own hashtag

Hashtags before words make them searchable on Twitter in sorted streams. You can invent a theme, and ask followers to get involved through the hashtag. Just make sure the hashtag is easy to remember, and not an obscure acronym.

EXAMPLE: Show us your favorite photos from your stay at Mirror Inn! Post them with the hashtag #MirrorInnPhoto

Promote content on your other channels

Your holistic content marketing strategy should include cross-promotion on all social media channels to amplify your message, and reach the greatest number of people. From Twitter, you could link to blog posts on your website with a short summary teaser. Or post the same photo you just shared on your Facebook page, with a link to that message providing more details.

EXAMPLE: Like watermelon? Our #summer menu includes this delicious salad. Get the recipe on our Facebook page: (insert link).

Share news of brand announcements and initiatives

If your national chain has unveiled a new program that you are instituting at your property, talk about it, and tag the company’s main Twitter account. The company may re-tweet it to their followers, bringing attention to your page.

EXAMPLE: Find your sweet dreams here! We are now part of the @Westin Heavenly Bed program!

Offer customer service

Twitter offers its users a virtual microphone to announce both good news and bad. Customer service issues are part of the landscape. If a future, current or former guest is complaining about the service they have received from your staff or at your property, face it. Respond, and offer to rectify their grievance. Your goodwill will be public record, and will defuse a situation which could quickly escalate. You can alternatively respond privately, using the “Direct Message” feature, if their grievance is of a sensitive nature.

EXAMPLE: We’re sorry to hear about this, @JohnSmith. Please contact Mary at (Insert email address) so we can address it to your satisfaction.


Go ahead and blatantly invite a conversation. Ask for questions, and respond immediately. You can promote this in advance as an event. Promote participation by offering a giveaway at the end of the hour, such as a gift certificate or a free night’s stay.

EXAMPLE: Join our GM on May 1 from 12-1PM ET. He will be here LIVE to answer your questions about our property, and give away a free night’s stay!

Photos and videos

Just like with Facebook, photos and video clips take up more room in your followers’ Twitter feed, bringing more attention to your post. Tie your photo to current popular memes like “Throwback Thursday” (#TBT) or “Photo Friday” (#FriFotos).

EXAMPLE: Sometimes we wish our lobby still had this #mod, mid-century furniture! Opening day, 1964. #TBT

Let your staff tweet

Allow other members of your staff to express their unique voice and perspectives. Let them announce a special event, new program, or great deal. Establish guidelines on what type of news is acceptable, and the level of formality you expect in their writing.

EXAMPLE: This is Sue, the director of Bliss Spa. We’re excited about our new aromatherapy facials using locally-grown herbs! Details: (link to the spa page on your website)

Tweet in real time

“Live” tweets can effectively build excitement and attention to a special event at your property. Frequent updates, as it’s happening, draw the reader in and keep them coming back to your stream.

EXAMPLE: The Prime Minister will be arriving for the State Dinner in our ballroom in 30 minutes! The tables are set with china and crystal: (attach photo) 

A final word of advice: Twitter is always “on,” so don’t forget to tweet in the evenings and weekends. Consider where your customers live, and tweet for their time zones. You can utilize tools such as Tweet Deck and Hoot Suite to upload tweets in advance and schedule them to post when you want. 

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Last Updated: 29 May 2014