Tripadvisor Popularity Ranking: Key Factors and How to Improve

Learn more about the Tripadvisor Popularity Ranking and get tips for improving your business’s performance.

Your Tripadvisor Popularity Ranking is based on user reviews and reflects your standing against other businesses within your geographical location. Your Popularity Ranking is important because the closer you are to the top, the more likely it is that users will see your business when they search your area.

Here are the three primary factors that impact your Popularity Ranking, and ways that you can improve:

Quality of Reviews

Higher bubble ratings positively impact your Popularity Ranking. Set guest expectations before they arrive by making sure any information about your business is up to date and photos accurately reflect your business. Fulfill or exceed those expectations during their stay, and keep those positive reviews rolling in!

Quantity of Reviews

Encourage guests to write reviews because having more reviews is better for your Popularity Ranking. Your Management Center offers a variety of solutions to encourage feedback — and most are free! Use Review Express to send customized emails to encourage past guests to leave reviews. Choose from a library of widgets or print out reminder cards and flyers. Remember: asking customers to leave reviews is a great idea, but offering incentives is against our policy.

Recency of Reviews

Recent reviews carry more weight in your ranking, while older reviews have less impact over time. Make sure to keep encouraging guests to share their feedback online.

Commercial relationships with Tripadvisor do not have an impact on your Popularity Ranking.

Tripadvisor takes content integrity seriously. All reviews must be the authentic opinions of users; do not write reviews yourself or ask friends or employees to do it. Check our guidelines to see what is and isn’t acceptable. Businesses that break the rules will be penalized, and their Popularity Rankings could suffer.

It all comes down to great hospitality. Give your customers a memorable experience, encourage reviews, learn from the feedback, and watch all your hard work pay off!

Have more questions? Check out our "Everything You Need to Know About the Tripadvisor Popularity Ranking Algorithm" article.

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Learn more about encouraging and monitoring reviews!

Make the most of Tripadvisor

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Learn more about encouraging and monitoring reviews!

Last Updated: 23 April 2018