How to Improve Guest Confidence with Tripadvisor’s Travel Safe Initiative

Step-by-step instructions and best practices on how to add your property’s safety measures to your Tripadvisor listing

While people are eager to get out and explore the world again, they continue to report that safety remains a top priority as they consider venturing out. In fact, 65% of survey respondents said they will not travel until they see physical changes at establishments that make them feel safer.1

To help address this need, we’re launching the Travel Safe initiative, which allows businesses to share their safety measures and overall response to the COVID-19 pandemic on the world’s largest travel platform.

More about the Travel Safe initiative

Properties who participate in this initiative will add a customizable checklist of safety measures to their listing pages, plus a detailed open text response section and a contact phone number and email address for guests who have more questions.

We’ll also be adding a COVID-19 safety search filter for each destination — resulting in higher visibility for participating businesses to safety-focused guests. Additionally, we’re enhancing the traveler review form to gather feedback about the safety experience at every property.

How to add your safety measures to Tripadvisor

Once you’ve logged into the Management Center, follow these simple steps to add your safety measures to your listing page:

  1. Click the “Share Safety Details” button in the “Help build traveler/diner confidence” banner at the top of your Management Center.
  2. Select the safety measures you’re currently using today from the checklist provided. Please be honest and thoughtful, so you properly set guests’ expectations when they visit your business.
  3. Add a customized message to your Tripadvisor listing to share even more details about what you’re doing to minimize the impact of COVID-19. Your message, contact details and a link to the Q&A feature will appear on your listing page.

That’s all! A notification will appear at the top of your listing page within 48 hours to catch potential guests’ attention. It will link to a new “Keeping you safe during COVID-19” section which includes your safety measures, customized message as well as how guests can contact you directly or ask questions via the Q&A feature.

Best practices for the Travel Safe initiative features

Here are a few tips to make the most of this program:

  • Select the safety measures that apply to your business — Be sure your selections are accurate to properly set guest expectations.
  • Use the free form text box to provide more details — Take the opportunity to provide as much detail as possible by including links to more information on your website, blog or third-party standards (such as associations, local government certifications, etc.).
  • Update your information regularly — Customers are very interested in the latest information, which is why we’ve added a date stamp to the section. Be sure to add any updates as you work to comply with the latest regulations and guidelines.
  • Remind guests to write reviews — People want to know what things are like at your property right now. Be sure to remind all of your guests to write reviews at the end of their stays, and if applicable, mention the safety measures you have put in place.
  • Focus on where you can make the most impact — We know the pandemic has had a severe impact on hospitality businesses and incurring additional costs related to safety and hygiene can be difficult to balance. There’s no expectation that every business will do everything on the list. Instead, we recommend being thoughtful about your strategy and using the checklist and detailed response to share it with potential guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does this appear?

Features included in the Travel Safe initiative will appear on your listing page and as a filter on your destination page. Also, safety information will be added to the review form.

Why should I do this?

Numerous studies have found that as consumers are considering future plans they want to make sure safety measures are in place to protect them from COVID-19. The Travel Safe initiative helps you build up a potential guest’s confidence that your property is a good option for them.

I’m not doing everything on this list. Will I still be included in the search filter?

Yes, all properties that add any safety measures will be included in the search filter. Your listing within the search results will detail which safety measures you’ve activated so that potential guests can see them at a glance.

Why are you advocating for certain safety measures over others?

It’s important to remember that nothing on the list is required to ensure your guests are safe. The checklist consists of a variety of measures that consumers have indicated will help them feel safer when making travel and dining choices. The list of safety measures will continue to evolve over time.

Do you expect this list will change over time?

Absolutely. We continue to survey consumers to understand how their thoughts on health, safety and hygiene are evolving. Based on that, plus guidance from our industry partners and government agencies, we’ll continue to enhance the checklist over time.

Do I have to pay in order to take advantage of this?

No, the features included in the Travel Safe initiative are free for everyone to access in the Tripadvisor Management Center. If you have not yet registered for the Management Center for your property, you can do that here.

What if I’m doing more than what’s listed?

That’s great news! Please use the COVID-19 Response tool to add even more information including links to your website or third-party standards you’re following.

1. Tripadvisor Consumer Sentiment Survey Wave 3, April 2020

Add your safety measures

Add your safety measures

Last Updated: 17 June 2020