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2018 Insights: Traveler Mindsets and How to Influence Them

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR2018 Insights: Traveler Mindsets and How to Influence Them  Charlie Ballard, Director, Strategic Insights at Tripadvisor, unveils recent research from a TripBarometer study — uncovering global travel trends about attitudes toward travel, recent trip trends, and Tripadvisor's role in the traveler journey. In this on-demand webinar we cover research on:

  • How travelers get started planning their trips
  • What drives destination choice
  • What influences accommodation choice
  • How travelers budget their trip
Plus, Sam Thompson, Commercial Director, Europe, Middle East, & Africa at Tripadvisor, shows how owners can use this data to influence travelers on the site. Watch now to get best practices and tips on:
  • Using free Tripadvisor marketing tools in the Management Center
  • Leveraging traveler reviews to power your online reputation
  • Unlocking exclusive Tripadvisor data in the Analytics Suite to understand who your travelers are
  • Tailoring your Tripadvisor page to exceed traveler expectations with Business Advantage
  • Using Sponsored Placements to attract the attention of highly targeting travelers as they're researching on Tripadvisor
The live event is now available on-demand! Sign up now to access the recording (available in English only).

Oxford Economics Global Travel Market Study

Oxford Economics Global Travel Market Study Get insights on the size of global travel market and Tripadvisor's impact from "Sizing the Worldwide Travel Economy" study, conducted by Oxford Economics in partnership with Tripadvisor. $5.29 Trillion Value of the 2017 global tourism market 41.9% Growth of global travel market in the past 10 years...

Key Takeaways from the Decision Phase of the Traveler Path to Purchase

DECISION PHASE Key Takeaways from the Decision Phase of the Traveler Path to Purchase Last Updated: 12 March 2018 The Decision Phase of the Traveler Path to Purchase is usually where our hotel partners say they invest the most time and resources. In this phase, travelers are ready to book as compared to the Shopping Phase where travelers are still compiling their consideration sets — the short list of accommodations they’ll choose from (more on influencing travelers in the Shopping Phase here). OVERVIEW OF THE DECISION PHASE

The Decision Phase is when a traveler selects a place to stay and books. During this time, travelers are choosing from their narrowed consideration set that was previously developed in the Shopping Phase. Marketing reach at this point is limited, since travelers have already narrowed in on their choice. But, the travelers who you do reach have a very high booking intent.

Unsurprisingly, price is reported as the most important factor when making a booking decision. In a recent TripBarometer study,* 93% of travelers said price was the strongest booking factor and 72% said finding a good deal was most important to them.


Key Takeaways from the Shopping Phase of the Traveler Path to Purchase

SHOPPING PHASE Key Takeaways from the Shopping Phase of the Traveler Path to Purchase Last Updated: 12 March 2018 As mentioned in the previous article of this series, “An Overview of The Traveler Path to Purchase,” the Shopping Phase is your biggest opportunity to attract the attention of travelers. Here, you’re reaching travelers who have already decided on your destination and are now searching for a place to stay. Your marketing dollars have the opportunity to make a big impact because you’re reaching a targeted audience of travelers with high booking intent. OVERVIEW OF THE SHOPPING PHASE According to comScore research, the Shopping Phase occurs 1-19 weeks before a traveler books their accommodation. During this period of time, travelers are partaking in a number of activities — from searching for hotel information, to reading reviews online and scanning through photos and videos....

An Overview of the Traveler Path to Purchase

OVERVIEW   An Overview of the Traveler Path to Purchase Last Updated: 12 March 2018

The traveler’s path to purchase in today’s world is tangled and complex. Travelers are inspired from a variety of sources — from something they saw online, to a billboard on the side of the road, or a story from a friend’s recent trip. With so many different channels, both online and offline, it can be daunting to decide where to invest your marketing dollars.

In an effort to learn how and why travelers book the way they do, we partnered with comScore to understand where travelers go to shop and what inspires their next trip. We consolidated this data in our recent webinar, “Influencing the Traveler Path to Purchase with Tripadvisor” presented by Charles Ballard and Martin Verdon-Roe. We encourage you to watch the full on-demand webinar, but, if you don’t have the time, or are looking for something more scannable, we have just that.

Travelers are inspired from a variety of sources — from something they saw online, to a billboard on the side of the road, or a story from a friend’s recent trip. OVERVIEW OF THE PATH TO PURCHASE...

Telling Your Digital Story on Tripadvisor

ON-DEMAND WEBINARTelling Your Digital Story on Tripadvisor 

With the rise of the Internet and the ubiquity of mobile devices, stories have gone digital. Digital storytelling cuts through marketing clutter, engages travelers, and allows you connect with them on an emotional level.

Sally Davey, Global Director Industry Relations at Tripadvisor, and Dianne Hallock, Head of B2B Content Marketing at Tripadvisor, discuss the psychological power of digital storytelling — and actions you can take on Tripadvisor to influence potential guests' booking decisions. Watch now and get tips to:

  • Identify and understand your target audience with exclusive data
  • See how owned, earned and paid strategies come together to shape your storytelling
  • Learn more about how to tell your story on Tripadvisor using our free tools as well as Business Advantage and Sponsored Placements

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Tips for Taking Better Property Photos

Tips for Taking Better Property Photos Do-it-yourself advice from professional hotel photographers

If a picture is “worth a thousand words,” are the property photos on your profile telling potential customers what you want them to say? If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional photographer, there are ways to make your own property photos the best they can be.

When travelers are in the process of selecting accommodations, quality photos will help yours stand apart from the rest. Here are some tips from hotel photography pros, based on techniques they use for their own clients.

Consider Composition

“Spaces with really interesting lighting make for beautiful photographs,” advises Ken Wan, principal of ARC - Architectural Photography in Vancouver. Natural or artificial light work, so long as it’s abundant. “I also think spaces that allow the viewer to imagine themselves there, whether it’s a beautiful room with a view or an outdoor pool, can be really appealing and inviting.”

Conversely, he warns that using people in your images will communicate your property’s target clientele, and could turn off those who don’t fit that look.

All types of accommodations need photo inventories of entire rooms, especially the guest rooms. But there are other images you should incorporate into your portfolio as well.

DO try to include:

  • Candid portrayals of staff acting naturally.
  • Architectural details accentuated by natural light.
  • Lifestyle details (décor, furniture, food), shot in soft light.
  • Night time scenes that look “cozy.”

AVOID these types of images:

  • Staff or guests looking at the camera.
  • Pictures of empty lobbies, hallways, or room doors.
  • Rooms that aren’t tidy or clean.
  • Busy images with too much in them (don’t use a wide angle lens or a panorama view).

"Don’t be afraid to spend time moving furniture until the composition is right. Straighten the sheets on the bed, remove the dustbin, and straighten the pictures on the wall.” - Mark Bolton of Mark Bolton Hotel Photography

Set the Scene

Before you snap the first shot, stage your spaces correctly. Based in London, Mark Bolton of Mark Bolton Hotel Photography shoots hotels all over the world. “Don’t be afraid to spend time moving furniture until the composition is right,” he says. “Straighten the sheets on the bed, remove the dustbin, and straighten the pictures on the wall.”

Also consider the time of day to take advantage of natural light. Early morning on a sunny, clear day is ideal.

Maximize Your Equipment

You don’t need expensive and elaborate camera equipment to take good photos, but you should become familiar with the tools and settings on the camera to enhance the results. Relatively inexpensive accessories are also worth the investment. 

Bolton suggests using a tripod, which facilitates a level shot. “Try to shoot with the camera level so you don’t get dodgy angles, known as converging verticals,” he says. “You can buy a very small spirit level to fit on your camera.”

He also recommends using a small aperture on your camera to get deep depth of focus, which will bring all foreground and background objects equally into focus. Conversely, larger apertures will blur the background. Switch off tungsten lights, and set the ISO values at up to 400 ISO so that you don’t get too much “noise” in the image. A higher ISO number increases the camera’s sensitivity to light.

Wan recommends taking a few test shots and viewing them on a computer. “What looks right in person often looks weird in photographs,” he points out.

Integrate On-Trend Imagery

If you want your property images to feel current, consider the trends in hotel photography. Bolton is seeing a lot of natural light in images, with compositions that pay more attention to lifestyle (décor and cuisine, for example) than the architectural elements. It’s an “editorial feel” that portrays personal interactions, and moments in time that incorporate the senses.

However, trends come and go, as Wan warns, so he advises that you concentrate more about the message you want to communicate. Those lifestyle photographs that show people will be dated after a few years as clothing and hair styles change.

Take the time to create a photo portfolio that lets your property shine. Enticing images send the right messages to the customers you want to attract. 

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How to provide hospitality in a riot zone

How to provide hospitality in a riot zone The first explosion nearly made me drop my wine glass. My fiancé and I were wrapping up a 12-course meal at Restaurant Hachiko when the June 2013 riots in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil began. Across the street from the restaurant, 100,000 people gathered at the state legislative building to demonstrate their discontent over education, healthcare and alleged government corruption.

Within an hour we would be huddled in the middle of the restaurant while blasts rattled the glassware and a torched car outside turned the windows orange. It was shaping up to be the scariest night of our vacation – and our lives. But the wait staff went out of their way to keep us safe, calm and comfortable.

From the perspective of a guest who spent four hours trapped in a sushi restaurant while the country roared outside, here are five tips for providing hospitality in a crisis:

1) Stay calm
Guests, especially those from out of town, will look to you and your staff for how to respond. At Hachiko, the waiters continued the ritual of breaking down the dining room while the protests raged on. The clinking together of glasses and silverware was a soothing accompaniment to the drone of helicopters, firecrackers and screaming.

2) Explain to guests what’s happening
Despite the language barrier, the Hachiko staff tried to keep us updated on what was taking place outside the restaurant. When they explained that a car was on fire, it made us feel better to attribute the horrible hissing noise to something concrete. Don’t pretend that everything is fine. Your guests will appreciate your honesty and trust you more for it.

3) Provide context, but don’t get political
Our waiters explained that these were the biggest protests they had seen in years. They gave some background on why people were upset. But they didn’t take a side, which could have led to a debate among the staff or guests. Let the riot be the only source of unrest.

4) Use your local expertise to help your guests
Our waiters called all their cab driver contacts but none would pick us up. They tried to explain an escape route, but it didn’t translate. In the end they asked us to wait for them to finish cleaning up the dining room so we could follow them out safely. We were so moved by their kindness we ended up giving them all hugs and high fives before getting in the cab. You can bet we will recommend this restaurant to anyone who visits Rio.

5) Have an emergency plan
You can’t predict a natural disaster or know whether a peaceful protest will escalate into something more. Keep an eye on current events – including social media – and trust your instincts, closing your business for the night if necessary. Don’t sacrifice your or your guests’ safety for profits. And in addition to following the tips above, always heed the safety instructions from local authorities!

Helen Anne Travis is a writer and marketer who runs the travel blog Connect with her on Twitter: @Helen_Anne.

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Travelers share what great service means to them

Travelers share what great service means to them

If you want to win over guests, you can’t just do the bare minimum.

That’s why popular travel video blogger Kate Thomas asked travelers, “As a hotel guest, what does great service mean to you?”

Based on this video (in English), delivering great service to your guests means:

  • Welcoming guests warmly and checking them in quickly
  • Being attentive to guest needs
  • Giving insider advice on where to eat and what to do
  • Having happy staff who genuinely enjoy what they do
  • Recognizing guests by name
  • Solving any issues quickly

For Kate personally, she’s always impressed by a complimentary cocktail or snack upon her arrival.

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Best hotel service – are you included in the video?

Best hotel service – are you included in the video?

Want a shortcut for finding out what kind of service impresses travelers? Watch these video interviews (in English) from Kate Thomas.

She asked travelers, “What is the best service you’ve received in a hotel?” Here are just a few of their insightful answers:

  • Giving the traveler a cell phone to contact the concierge
  • Going above and beyond to get guests medicine and other needs
  • Providing unexpected delights, such as leaving a treat on the pillow during turndown service
  • Helping solve common traveler issues, such as a lost wallet
  • Sharing tips on the best place to enjoy a local activity or learn a new skill

After you watch the video, ask yourself: “What can I do to provide exemplary service to my guests?” Put those ideas into action and you just might get travelers talking about your property when they’re thinking about the best service they’ve ever received.

Posted by: Last Updated: 5 November 2014

4 opportunities you may be missing, according to TripBarometer

4 opportunities you may be missing, according to TripBarometer

For the hospitality industry, 2014 is shaping up to be a great year.

According to the annual TripBarometer survey from Tripadvisor, 21% of global travelers plan to spend more on their trips this year compared to 2013. International leisure travel is expected to rise 12%, and 85% of travelers surveyed said they’re willing to sacrifice spending in other areas so they have more funds for travel.

Great news, right? Now all you have to do is wait for the bookings to pour in, right?

Well, almost. According to TripBarometer, travelers and hoteliers have different opinions about what’s important.

These conflicts between guests’ wants and proprietors’ perceptions are opportunities. Fill in the gaps below and you can reach, engage and convert more travelers, and gain repeat bookings in the process.

Opportunity #1: Give the people what they want: special offers

My jaw dropped when I read that only 4% of global hoteliers who participated in the TripBarometer survey thought special offers impacted their bookings.

I’m not alone. Almost half of all travelers interviewed agreed that special offers influenced their decision to stay at a hotel, with the majority willing to postpone making a booking until they found a great deal.

Travelers are literally waiting for you to make them an offer - any offer. What can you afford to give? A free night? An upgraded room? Maybe a free breakfast or discounted parking?

Find a way to add a little extra value to your bookings and you’ll get ahead of 96% of your competition.

Opportunity #2: Amenities. Amenities. Amenities!

Only a quarter of hoteliers surveyed for TripBarometer said amenities affected their bookings, while three quarters of travelers said perks like pool access or free Wi-Fi could sway their decisions.

Hoteliers, it’s time to take a good look at your accommodations and prioritize what, if any, improvements can be made. You don’t need to install an Olympic swimming pool or hire a full-time masseuse. Little things like free bike rentals, in-room hair dryers, or a complimentary cookie at check-in can go a long way.

The most popular perks among travelers who participated in the TripBarometer survey were free Wi-fi (an absolute must), free breakfast and free taxi or shuttle service.

Perhaps you already offer all of the above, or you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to upgrade or add new features. In that case, make a point of highlighting all your offerings to guests before, during and after their stay. This can be done on your website, with in-room signage, and in a post-checkout email campaign.

As pointed out in a previous post, calling attention to new and existing amenities increases the likelihood travelers will not only notice them, but also mention them in reviews.

Which brings us to...

Opportunity #3: Boost your bookings with online reviews

Almost 90% of travelers said online reviews affected their booking decisions, while only 64% of hoteliers surveyed thought reviews mattered.

Personally, I have never ever made a booking without researching what other customers have to say about the hotel first, and I won’t stay anywhere that doesn’t have at least a handful of positive reviews.

Take time to ensure your profiles on review sites like Tripadvisor are up to date and then encourage your guests to share their experiences. You can do this with signage, or in that post-checkout email we mentioned earlier.

A basic profile on Tripadvisor is free. All it takes is a little bit of time to reach and engage 90% of potential customers. We’re out there looking for you!

Opportunity #4: Treat guests like superstars. (And know it matters.)

My jaw dropped again when I saw barely a third of hoteliers surveyed thought guests’ experiences affected repeat bookings. Even writing that sentence feels strange.

Look at it from our perspective. Travel planning is hard. Finding the perfect hotel takes time. If we’ve already had a great experience with an accommodation or brand, why would we stay anywhere else?

In this year’s TripBarometer survey, 86% of travelers said they would consider returning to a hotel they enjoyed staying at in the past. And just think, those people have friends, family and colleagues. Your customer service and brand experience has ripple effects. Don’t take that for granted.

Hoteliers, we’re traveling more than ever. Update that Tripadvisor profile, offer us a deal and throw in a few perks, and we’ll be back for more.

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How a Spanish Hotel Company Uses Tripadvisor in Its Rebranding Strategy

How a Spanish Hotel Company Uses Tripadvisor in Its Rebranding Strategy See how Selenta maximized visibility for SOFIA Hotel to get more traffic and jump-start its online reputation.

Selenta Group manages nine properties in various Spanish cities. We spoke with Silvia Sutter, Online Traffic Manager at Selenta, to find out how she has increased visibility and traffic for SOFIA Hotel with Tripadvisor.

Tripadvisor as part of the rebranding strategy

Rebranding Selenta's properties has been a huge undertaking that began last year and taken months of planning and preparation. "We transformed the company and rebranded as a whole, and are now working on repositioning our properties as luxurious and high-end," says Sutter.

The goal? Growing visibility and traffic to all nine properties. Says Sutter, "We want to expand our market and reach more US travelers — since the majority of our guests are traditionally from Spain and the United Kingdom."

Sutter turned to Tripadvisor to market the re-launch of SOFIA Hotel, a property Selenta has recently renovated. "Tripadvisor is an important marketing channel because this source of traffic raises our overall performance and travelers from Tripadvisor are more likely to convert," she says. "We updated SOFIA's Tripadvisor listing page with our new name, photos, and other information to not only promote the renovations, but also reset guest expectations."

Increasing visibility with Sponsored Placements

To get more exposure for SOFIA in the competitive Barcelona market, Sutter uses Sponsored Placements. "We decided to try Sponsored Placements to increase SOFIA's visibility and brand awareness. The additional exposure from Sponsored Placements puts the property in front of more travelers who are searching for a place to stay in Barcelona," she says.

SOFIA has gained more visibility and traffic. "The results have been great: Sponsored Placements has performed so well for SOFIA that all nine Selenta properties now have active campaigns to increase their exposure," says Sutter. "On average, these ads have generated over 50,000 impressions for each property in 6 weeks to highly targeted travelers."

And that visibility is paying off: "We've driven more traffic to the SOFIA website, creating leads that ultimately convert. Since starting Sponsored Placements, booking referrals for SOFIA have increased," continues Sutter.

SOFIA's online reputation cycle has also accelerated. "The uplift in visibility has jump-started our online reputation cycle for SOFIA, which has helped it to be ranked in the top 10% for accommodations in Barcelona," Sutter says. "As more guests stay at SOFIA, they write reviews and post photos, restarting the cycle of inspiring potential guests to pick our property."

Sutter plans to run Sponsored Placements all year. "If conversions continue increasing thanks to Sponsored Placements, we'll always run our ads as our rebranding progresses. The ads have helped me reposition our properties, drive more traffic to our websites, and get more bookings," she says.

Last Updated: 10 December 2018

How a European Hotel Group Uses Content Marketing to Reach Travelers

How a European Hotel Group Uses Content Marketing to Reach Travelers 25hours Hotels increases visibility, raises brand awareness, and drives incremental revenue with Tripadvisor. 25hours Hotels is a group of 13 properties scattered across Germany, France, and other European countries. See how Alexander Schuster, Head of Digital, influences travelers to book one of their properties using content marketing and Tripadvisor.

A focus on content marketing

To build relationships between customers and the 25hours brand, Schuster uses content marketing. "We choose to focus on content marketing instead of solely relying on promotions, discounts, or packages. Content allows us to tell a larger story about how guests don't just stay at our hotels. They can have a fun, relaxing, immersive adventure at our hotels, which are designed to embody the city and neighborhood they're in," he says. "Our photos and videos reinforce our brand. Our blog for each hotel offers local insider knowledge."

Reaching travelers on the customer journey with Tripadvisor

Schuster offers relevant information to travelers while they're shopping for a place to stay on Tripadvisor, a major marketing channel. "The customer journey has many touch points, and we need to reach travelers at the right time on the right channels. So, we amplify our content on Tripadvisor, Google, social media, and other marketing channels to capture travelers' attention and provide a compelling, consistent story," he says. "I use Tripadvisor to increase our visibility, highlight the 25hours brand, and get more direct bookings."

Working with Tripadvisor, Schuster supplements his content strategy by highlighting traveler review content and responding to those reviews. "Travelers check reviews, which makes Tripadvisor an important part of the customer journey. We respond to these reviews — not only offering our view, but also showing how we care about and feel responsible for our guests," he says.

More revenue with Business Advantage

Schuster draws in travelers by showcasing his content and optimizing the 25hours Hotels’ Tripadvisor listing pages with Business Advantage. "We can entice travelers in the booking funnel on Tripadvisor search and our listing page when they're considering our properties and prices," he says. "We're able to test and optimize different Business Advantage features. For example, we post Cover Photos and Favorite Photos that best represent our hotels, and then we check the photo engagement rate in the Analytics Suite to see what works in drawing in even more travelers."

He also uses Business Advantage to connect with travelers directly. "With Contact Details, we can put the right communication channels—our website, phone number, and email—on Tripadvisor. We're able to drive travelers to our website, have them book directly, and not lose them to OTAs — it's easy for them get in touch with us," says Schuster. "Another way we incentivize travelers to book directly with us is we run Special Offers with an advanced, lower booking rate that they can redeem on our website."

Schuster notes that all 25hours properties have Business Advantage because of its ability to grow the 25hours brand and business. "Business Advantage is beneficial — it shows a return on advertising spend, and we drive incremental revenue for all our properties," he adds.

Increased visibility with Sponsored Placements

To maximize his reach to travelers and drive more traffic to 25hours, Schuster decided to try Sponsored Placements. "Relying on search for travelers to find our properties isn't effective. With Sponsored Placements, we expand our visibility to travelers who are already on the customer journey, especially when they're searching within a dedicated city, but don't have a specific brand in mind," he says. "The five properties that tried out Sponsored Placements each received over 100,000 impressions on average in two months — meaning they were seen 100,000 more times than if we didn't have Sponsored Placements.”

Sponsored Placements has also helped Schuster get more booking referrals. "In addition to the increased visibility, Sponsored Placements create leads so more travelers make reservations at our hotels. We saw a 20% boost in booking referrals on average. We also saw an increase in page visits to our five properties' Tripadvisor listing pages," he says.

Seeing the benefits of Sponsored Placements, Schuster believes the ads are a worthwhile investment. "Sponsored Placements is valuable because I'm able to raise awareness of the 25hours brand at multiple touch points of the customer journey. Every click means that travelers are engaged and interested — If travelers see our ad, it's highly likely they'll be back later with high intent to book with us," he says.


Success Story: A Jaipur Hotel Uses Tripadvisor to Drive Inbound Marketing

Success Story: A Jaipur Hotel Uses Tripadvisor to Drive Inbound Marketing Learn how the Royal Heritage Haveli attracts travelers with Sponsored Placements and converts them with Business Advantage. The Royal Heritage Haveli is a small family-owned boutique hotel that won the Travelers’ Choice award for multiple years in Jaipur, India. See how Shambhavi Singh, the Haveli Director, uses Tripadvisor as an instrumental part of her inbound marketing strategy. Challenge: Maximizing the busy season

Singh strives to get as many travelers to book as possible during the busy season. "Our busy season is short so it's crucial that we make the most of it. It's hard to fill rooms during the off-season because it's very hot in Jaipur," says Singh.

Many other local accommodations providers are pursuing a similar strategy. "It's challenging to stand out among our competitors in Jaipur. We're a small business that competes with well-known hotels for a limited number of travelers who visit during the busy season. So, we need to differentiate ourselves from properties similar to ours," she says.

Solution: Using Tripadvisor to drive inbound marketing "To address this challenge, I use inbound marketing to attract, convert, close, and delight guests, and Tripadvisor is crucial to my strategy," Singh says. "Inbound marketing creates awareness among travelers, and it builds trust and credibility for the Haveli."...

How a New Lisbon Hotel Is Succeeding on Tripadvisor

How a New Lisbon Hotel Is Succeeding on Tripadvisor Corpo Santo built a strong online reputation and amplified that success with Tripadvisor Business Advantage and Sponsored Placements. Corpo Santo Hotel is an independently-owned historic hotel that became a top Traveler Ranked property in Lisbon after opening in 2017. We caught up with General Manager Pedro Pinto to learn about his strategies for success. Building a strong online reputation

Building a great online reputation starts with providing great service. To achieve this, Pinto has invested in staff and constant improvements: "Our strategy is to provide exceptional service and delight guests with new things. Great staff is key so we're careful about who we hire and regularly communicate the feedback we receive," says Pinto.

He then encourages guests to share their experiences with other travelers on Tripadvisor. "We work to outperform ourselves instead of our competitors, always focusing on service and reviews. It's not only about providing a quality experience, but also a commitment to using Tripadvisor to get the word out about Corpo Santo," he shares.

Through a commitment to building Corpo Santo's online reputation with guest reviews on Tripadvisor, Pinto has been able to attract guests — and he continues the cycle with fresh review content. "We encourage guests to write reviews with Review Express," Pinto says. "Guests love our hotel so they're keen to share their experiences — for many, it's even their first review. People who read these reviews arrive excited to stay at our hotel and are then inspired to write us a review after their stay."

Pinto also uses Management Responses to make a lasting impression on past guests and influence potential guests to choose his hotel. "Collecting reviews doesn't guarantee success. We respond to reviews, personalizing our responses and thanking guests," says Pinto. "We also show how we're incorporating feedback to improve. For example, we replaced windows that let in too much noise and then contacted each guest who mentioned the noise to let them know the enhancements we made based on their feedback."

Capitalizing on success with Business Advantage and Sponsored Placements

"With all of our reputation management activity, we've been climbing the Popularity Ranking for Lisbon. We saw from our analytics that 40% of our traffic was coming from Tripadvisor. We wanted to grow our traffic and get more guests so I purchased Business Advantage and Sponsored Placements," says Pinto.

Using Business Advantage and Sponsored Placements together helps Pinto amplify Corpo Santo's presence on Tripadvisor. And the results exceed what he had hoped for. "It’s like winning the lottery. The traffic to our website has grown by 500% with both products. Sponsored Placements has expanded our reach — we've received roughly 69,000 impressions in 6 months with the ads and gotten more clicks to our property listing," Pinto explains. “And thanks to Business Advantage, our direct bookings have increased — and we're achieving a 90% occupancy rate."


How an Independent Hotel Chain in Europe Increased Direct Bookings by 150%

How an Independent Hotel Chain in Europe Increased Direct Bookings by 150% Central Hotel and Forum Hotel in Bulgaria drive more traffic to their websites with Tripadvisor Sponsored Placements. Background Travelers' Choice winner Central Hotel and Certificate of Excellence holder Forum Hotel are jointly-owned independent boutique hotels in Sofia, Bulgaria. Hear how Zhivko Zhelyazkov, Hotel Manager, has increased direct bookings at both properties with Tripadvisor Sponsored Placements. Challenge Because fewer travelers visit Sofia in the winter, demand for Central and Forum Hotels is much lighter. As Zhelyazkov notes, "January and February are difficult months, and we are very focused on driving more direct reservations during that period." Solution...

Case Study: Derby Hotels Collection Boosts Bookings by 25% with Sponsored Placements

Case Study: Derby Hotels Collection Boosts Bookings by 25% with Sponsored Placements How the Derby Hotels Collection maximizes visibility with Tripadvisor Sponsored Placements to compete effectively in a challenging market. The Derby Hotels Collection is a family-owned, 14-property hotel chain based primarily in Barcelona. We recently caught up with David Martinez i Urgell, who leads the group’s Digital marketing and eCommerce strategy, to learn how he leveraged Tripadvisor Sponsored Placements to compete more effectively in a challenging market: Challenge: Competition for Fewer Travelers Tourism in Barcelona, Derby’s primary market, is expected to decline in 2018, particularly during the low season. Anticipating this downturn in travel, Martinez knew he needed something different to compete with larger hotel chains for fewer travelers. "We knew it was going to be a hard season because of the difficult economic situation in the market," Martinez says. "We also know most travelers don't know about our hotels until they start searching a specific location and discover us through Tripadvisor or OTAs."...

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