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  • The 100-year old Panama Canal is a crossroad for world commerce and a feat of human ingenuity.
  • I almost missed it-really happy I didnt
  • A MUST when visiting the jungles of Belize!
  • Monkeys, Mayan temples, few people and rough road- it’s got it all!
  • Well preserved and not crowded
  • A peaceful and colorful church in the city center!
  • Exquisite architecture restored
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  • Another MUST see site - prior Tikal.
  • Massive construction especially impressive from a small boat
  • Best view of the city!
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  • Great picture spot 2 blocks from Central Park
  • Breathtaking (literally) & Beautiful at the Same Time
  • Lovely church - go to mass while on vacation!
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  • Mayan history right in San Ignacio!
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  • A beautiful Free peaceful sanctuary
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  • Beautiful and breathtaking experience!