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  • It felt like I was in a gracious home, surrounded by warm greetings and smiles and beautiful antiques. I did not want to leave!
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  • We really felt at home around family
  • Perfect City Escape
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  • Unique and cleverly designed hotel
  • Great little hotel and great service
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  • Unique Experience - Absolutely Recommend
  • One of the most unique properties in the world
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  • Must Try! Best in Tioman!
  • lovely resort
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  • What a perfect vacation should be
  • Excelent resort. Not so easy to arrive
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  • Longer than usual stay in Georgetown
  • Nostalgic peranakan Style hotel
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  • A perfect paradise island experience!
  • Best Place On The East Coast
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  • A week of genuine life on a tropical island
  • Highly recommended
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  • The Best Food For The Best Cause
  • Five stars is not enough
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