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  • Outstanding, Hard to Leave, Would Love to Go Back
  • Incredible!!!!!
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  • Take me back there!
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  • Beautiful location, great food, wonderful people, amazing place!
  • From cacao to slots and poison-dart frogs
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  • We want everyone we know (and like) to experience this magical eco boutique resort!
  • Exceeded Our Expectations...and our expectations were very high!
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  • Great B&B with amazing mountain views
  • Loving attention paid to every detail
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  • Very good, excellent service from Rebecca
  • Stay at Boquete Garden Inn
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  • Beautiful beaches, festival, delicious seafood, great accommodations!
  • 5⭐️
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  • After 5 weeks in Costa Rica and Panama, this was the best
  • Most welcoming tropical hideaway
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  • Beautiful, friendly little hotel
  • Serene Getaway
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  • Bluff Beach Retreat Boca Del Toro's Spring Break 2018
  • Awesome Spring Break
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