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  • Great hotel in a beautiful area
  • Fantastic place to have your princess nights !!
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  • Relaxing getaway with all you could ask for.
  • A truly special and welcoming eco experience
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  • Repeat visitor that will be returning again and again!
  • Amazing trip during Thanksgiving week at Sansara!
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  • Trip Advisor needs more than 5 Stars for Henry and Margaret's Nirvana
  • Outstanding beautiful place
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  • I want to live at this hotel!
  • Excellent Hotel
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  • Fabulous stay! Hotel is Gorgeous and Bocas Del Toro is amazing!
  • Wonderful eco resort
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  • Wonderful couple made my stay memorable
  • Welcoming Hosts
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  • Beautiful place, extremely friendly hosts
  • Amazing! Family vacation!
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  • Nice relaxing spot
  • Diamond in the Rough
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