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  • Great stay!
  • Chic, cozy, great!
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  • quality service in the middle of nowhere...
  • I highly recoomend this place for a traditional meal
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  • Idyllic place to stay in and experience Maramures!
  • Fairytale place in the middle of Maramures
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  • A fascinating, friendly, and relaxing six days at Villa Alba exploring Transylvania (I had to leave a day early due to a
  • Great Halloween
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  • One of the most memorable locations
  • A special experience
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  • Best place to experience a romantic stay in Sighisoara
  • Excellent friendly boutique hotel
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  • Lovely family, good facilities, amazing walnuts!
  • Very well done property
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  • Lovely
  • The best Transilvania hotel !
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  • Amazing
  • Wonderful experience
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  • Great location, quaint hotel in a historic building
  • Lovely stay
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