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  • Authentic luxury “away from it all” at Constance Aiyana
  • Stunning!
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  • Great place to stay! Clean, safe and friendly staff!
  • Beach restaurant
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  • A place we never will forget 😍🙌
  • Great place for a great holiday!
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  • The atmosphere and the design of the hotel are great
  • Very beautiful, relaxed hotel
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  • A delight
  • Doesn't get any better
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  • Wish we could have stayed for longer
  • Eco friendly paradise
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  • Fabulous. One of the best hotel experiences ever.
  • Paradise - Relax - Chill - Expect the obvious
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  • Amazing place! Extremely welcoming!
  • feel like at home
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  • Best hostel in Tanzania
  • Mr Efrain
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  • Great Lodge, Superb service and just amazing
  • Two night stay at Songota
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