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  • Lovely and peaceful place
  • Great stay at Chez Daniel
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  • Excellent place, great food, wonderful views
  • Best Hotel / Restaurant in Livingston
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  • Home away from Home!
  • Exelent
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  • A home away from home❤️
  • Tourism
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  • Quaint location & excellent service
  • Beautiful place in nature across from the lake
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  • my third time staying at La Villa Serena and i cant wait for the next one!
  • Very nice small B&B in a quiet area of Antigua
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  • Blown away, highlight of my Atitlan trip!
  • Gorgeous views, comfortable room.
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  • Stunningly beautiful and the owner has added a dramtic fire ring around the great tree.
  • a little slice of heaven
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  • loved the Round House
  • Just GREAT!
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  • Amazing staff and magical place!
  • Yes
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