Speeding and cutting through traffic techniques have been two major problems on Seventh Avenue, one of Naples busiest arteries as it connects the city to the beach. Apparently, drivers cut through the neighborhood to avoid the high volumes of traffic and they incurr in speeding. Due to the protests of the neighbors of this residential community, a number of measures have been enforced to manage these two problems. It is important that you know these changes and their purpose so that you have no problems while driving along Seventh Avenue.

- the street has been narrowed with median islands,

- the street’s entrance has been signaled so that drivers know that they are driving into a residential neighborhood,

- there are intersection roundabouts along the street, some are raised,

- trees and plants have been included in these new spaces to make it clearer for the driver that "this" is a neighborhood.

These improvements shouldn’t be a problem for the driver, they are just a reminder that Seventh Avenue is an avenue and not a highway. Keep in mind that traffic is lighter during the week and that Winter seems to be the busiest time, specially in rush hour. So try to avoid peak times.

Why not enjoy the views of this wonderful neighborhood?