San Pedro La Laguna is a beautiful town full of rich local customs.

The Tzu'tujiles are a proud, gorgeous, and very traditional, & indigenous group that make up what the village San Pedro La Laguna is really all about. Sadly, a large amount of travelers show up for the well known party scene, and tend to overlook the beauty of the town. It is best to spend your money locally, meaning helping the Pedranos (native people) as they depend on tourists to be able to feed their families, and put their children through school.

Actually when you stay at their hotels, the locals are more dedicated to making you feel comfortable, and keep the place cleaner than most foreign-owned businesses, the same goes for eating out. The locals are very kind, patient, and should be treated with the same respect that most of them give to the large amount of people that come to visit their hometown.

There are a lot of fun things to do there like, horseback riding, climbing the volcano, visiting the local museums that teach you of their culture, and renting kayaks to paddle around the lake is always nice too. There are also Spanish Schools that are very affordable, and they offer you the chance to learn their native tongue Tzu'tujil an ancient dialect that the locals speak!

San Pedro La Laguna is growing fast, but still has a lot of charm, and tradition dating way back.