The English Language is spoken all over the world and the people of Leyte are no exception. Most of the people in Leyte speak English; unfortunately, like in a lot of countries they are the only ones who can understand each other.If you are native English, you may find it difficult to understand the spoken English in Leyte.

The main problem is the pronunciation. They always put the stress on the penultimate syllable, this makes words hard to understand, and also it can change the meaning of a word. It is understandable that the spoken English in Leyte is like it is, they have only had American input and this leaves a lot to be desired with the spoken English Language.                                                            

As the famous English Prime Minister, Winston Churchill once said “England and America are two countries divided by the same language"

America as it is known now, is a very young country. It is only 232 years old. In 1776 it gained its’ independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK) and became a country in its’ own right and not just one of the many colonies of Great Britain (UK). It is true that America has helped in the spread of English around the world but England was doing this for hundreds of years before they disturbed the tranquillity of the Native American Indians and decided to set up a colony there.

The English Language is the World Language because it is made up from all the languages of the world. It should be called Worldlish. Within the English Language you can find words from every other language. The strength of English is its acceptance of the contribution of all other languages.

Good clear spoken English can be a valuable asset for anyone wishing to improve their life, especially if they wish to travel or work in another English speaking country.

There is a new English Language Academy in Leyete, at the Leyte Academic Center.