When arriving on Mahe Island, a passport valid for six months from the date of your arrival is required and a return or onward ticket must be presented to authorities in order to gain entrance to the Republic of Seychelles. You also required to inform them of the address where you will be staying and prove that you have sufficient funds to remain. There is no departure tax. 

There is no direct air service between the United States and the Seychelles Islands. Some travelers fly into Dubai International Airport and catch a flight on Emirates. This flight takes about 4 hours and will take you to Mahe Island International Airport. There are also flights from Abu Dhabi, Addis Ababa, and Nairobi direct to Seychelles . The only direct flights from Europe are on Condor from Frankfurt every Saturday. Purchase your ticket well in advance to get the best price, as fares can run pretty high. There are no Direct flights from Heathrow Airport to Mahe Island.  For other international flight information, visit Seychelles Travel.

From the aiport, you can hire a taxi directly to your hotel, or rent a car to get you around the island. If you choose to rent a car while on Mahe Island, it would be best to make arrangements beforehand with a travel agent or online service, as this will save you money.