Public transportation in the state of Maryland is provided by the Maryland Transit Authority (MTA), and includes local, express, and neighborhood bus service, the Metro Subway, Light Rail, and the MARC Train. Annapolis Transit has three shuttle routes as well as 11  regular bus routes within the city. As well, two free shuttle services - the State Shuttle and the Navy Shuttle - link the downtown area to events at the Navy Marine Corp Memorial Stadium.

The MTA operates over 50 bus lines throughout the state of Maryland, many of which connect with the subway, Light Rail and MARC Train. Fare is very reasonable. The city's Patapsco Light Rail stop (as well as the Metro Subway Station) is at State Center. Tickets for both the Light Rail and the Metro Subway must be purchased from vending machines at each station, as tickets are not available on board.

Over 160 taxis are available in Annapolis, leaving no shortage of transportation options. Look for a round sticker with the taxi's official Department of Transportation number on it. Look for taxi stands on Main Street, West Washington Street, and West Street. Fare is reasonable.

One of the best ways to navigate Annapolis is on foot, though the city has metered parking as well as parking garages. The meters are frequently monitored by uniformed patrols. Here's a downloadable Navigating Annapolis brochure.