Cebu is considered to be the safest of the large cities located in the Philippines.  This may or may not comfort travelers who are headed to the area.  The Philippines has historically been known as one of the more dangerous areas of the world for foreign travelers.  There have been problems in the past with national security risks in the area as well as with personal crimes against travelers such as theft crimes.  In recent years, these problems have decreased dramatically.  For the most part, Cebu is considered safe for travelers from all locations.

However, visitors should take standard precautions to protect themselves from harm during their travels in the area.   In terms of national safety, visitors should make sure to stay current on the local news before finalizing plans to head to the area.   In terms of personal safety, visitors should make sure that they are aware of the risks of traveling and have taken safety measures to reduce those risks.   More information about this aspect of travel is available online at .   In terms of health safety, travelers should make sure that all of their standard immunizations are up to date and they should avoid drinking any water besides bottled water during their stay in Cebu.