There is no requiremenet to tip in the Philippines


 Some establishments already incorporate a "Service Charge" (often designated by "SC" on machine printed receipts) or you may tip independently (a minority still give tips even if the SC is included in the bill).  If you intend to tip and there is no service charge multiply your total bill (minus any VAT) by 10 per cent or you can just give around P50 depending on the quality of service. If a service charge is present, please remember that the wait staff may not see any of that extra charge as the proprietor or employing company may take it all.

Unlike in the United States of America, the tip is not usually charged to one's credit card. When using your credit card, you only pay the total bill(and the SC if included). If you decide to tip independently you usually give it in cash.

Use your own discretion as to how much you will tip. (As in other countries, owners can be very unfair to their staff and often pay only the minimum wage, or an even lower wage).

Some restaurants and bars that do not already incorporate a service charge may state this clearly on the bill as "SC not included". Overall, tipping is usually not expected so the staff are not offended when you do not give a tip. Do not feel pressured to leave a tip if the service was poor.

Philippines was traditionally a non tipping culture but tipping is increasingly common among the local population.

Locals often round up the taxi fare, so if the fare was P88, they give P100 to the taxi driver.  Uber and Go Taxi drivers do not normally expect tips.