Useful phrases, spelled phonetically....

Kamsa hamnida = "Thank you"

Anyong haseyo = "Hello" or "How are you?"

Olma eyo = "How much (please)?"

Kkakka juseyo = "(Please) discount it"

Jo hayo = "I like it" or "It's good" or "OK"

Mashi soyo = "Tastes good" or "Delicious"

He juseyo = "(Please) do it for me"

Pali pali he juseyo = "(Please) do it for me faster"

An mebge he juseyo = "(Please) give it to me not spicy"

Mebge he juseyo = "(Please) give it to me spicy"

Me woyo = "It's spicy"

Cheon won = W1,000

Ee-cheon won = W2,000

O-cheon won = W5,000

Mahn won = W10,000

Ee-mahn won = W20,000

O-mahn won = W50,000

Mahn ee-cheon = W12,000

Mahn o-cheon won = W15,000

Ship-mahn won = W100,000

Ee-ship-mahn won = W200,000

O-ship-mahn won = W500,000

Yogi-yo = Literally means "(Please) over here", but can be used as "(Please) come here". Useful in restaurants and don't be afraid to yell it out at busy restaurants if you need to heard. You can also say this to taxi drivers to ask them to "(Please) stop here".




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