Telephones in Belize

There are a wide variety of phones in Belize. Phone booth are still available in certain places for public use, but fast being replaced by cell phones.  There are two telephone providers from which you can either purchase a cheap phone and/or a SIM card for your cell phone. The public or cell phones work with prepaid cards which are sold in most stores.  $5.00 to $50.00 bze.  Special deals for doubling or tripling calling credit are availed from time to time by the companies.

If you get a calling card to use with a touchtone phone

  1. dial 0-800-285-2273
  2. enter pin number from the card (scratch for number)
  3. local phone numbers dial a 7 digit number (e.g. 4220189)
  4. international calls dial  00 + country code (501) + city code + telephone number