There is plenty of information about Massachusetts available online, which can be very useful to visitors to the area.

A good place to begin doing some research is on the Massachusetts office of Travel and Tourism website .  This is a typical state tourism site, and offers plenty of useful information for first time travelers and returning visitors to the area.  The Region Locator found through the “Get Around” tab on the home page is very helpful in figuring out what part of the state to explore.  A brief description is provided about each region.  The Events Calendar is great for finding out about the states major happenings.  Users can search for events by location, type, or date. 

The Massachusetts Government website is a good place to find information about issues concerning legislature, business, and law.  The “Visitors” link at the top of the homepage also provides tourist information from a government perspective.

A good way to get to know an unfamiliar area better is by studying its geography.  Start by looking at a Map of Massachusetts.

For weather information about any of the state’s major cities or towns, check out the Weather Channel website.