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This Traveller Article was inspired by this discussion on the TripAdvisor Traveling with Disabilities forum: Accessibility Checklist for Hotel Accommodation There are some excellent suggestions in that discussion on finding accommodations that meet your accessibility needs. 

The Canadian Abilities Foundation maintains Access Guide Canada.  Calgary listings on Access Guide Canada.

Wheelchair Rentals

For information on Calgary companies renting wheelchairs, see this TripAdvisor Traveller Article: Wheelchair Rentals Calgary

Service Dogs and Guide Dogs

Alberta has a system for providing official, province-issued identification for  trained guide dogs and service dogs, and fines of up to $3000 for refusing service to genuine guide dog and service dog teams. However, according to the CNIB, Calgary businesses still have some of the worst track records in the country for refusing service. So it is important to know your rights.

Guide dogs:

Service dogs: 

There are also fines in place for people who falsely represent their untrained pets as trained guide dogs and/or service dogs.


Disabled parking stalls: If you are visiting from the European Union and have a disabled drivers' permit there, you can display that in your car when parking in handicapped parking stalls throughout Canada. If you don't have an EU disabled drivers' permit, you can get a temporary visitors' disability placard from any Alberta registry agent. You do not have to present your disabled drivers' permit or any medical certification to receive this temporary placard, which will be valid for the duration of your visit. However, there could be a charge of roughly $10 for this placard. You do not have to be the driver of the vehicle to use a handicapped parking stall, but you must leave the vehicle while it is parked.

Calgary International Airport - website info (mobility only).

Traveller feedback on using Calgary International Airport: Customs at Calgary Airport  - forum discussion about wheelchair accessibility and walking distances for international travellers at the airport.

Calgary Transit - website info for mobility issues. Bus hailing kit for visually impaired.

Traveller feedback on using Calgary Transit:


Acclaim Hotel Calgary Airport - Review: Very nice new hotel near the airport (Feb 2013). Notes from review: "You must walk up a flight of stairs to the hot tubs."

Best Western Village Park Inn - Review: POOR SERVICE (May 2013) Notes from review:  "[Customer service representative] started playing games with me because I am hard of hearing from military service she was pretending not to hear me and making me repeat myself many times. I was starting to get VERY flustrated at her, Lisa then added insult to injury by complaining that she was hard of hearing."

Best Western Port O'Call Hotel - Review: Highly recommended! (July 2013) Notes from review: "...when I checked in, nobody offered to help us unload our baggages nor offered a trolley -- we parked in the underground garage, unloaded, and got our baby in the stroller, and proceeded to enter the hotel. We were shocked to see flight of stairs, and therefore had to carry the stroller and our heavy luggages up the stairs to get to the lobby/elevators. "

Calgary Historic Bed and Breakfast at Twin Gables - Review: Affordable, Convenient and comfortable (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "..this place has a lot of stairs so maybe not the best place for anyone with mobility issues... "

Carriage House Inn - Review: Very enjoyable stay (July 2013) Notes from review: "I had requested a room near the elevator as my mom has mobility issues. Upon arrival we were offered a free upgrade (including complimentary breakfast each day) to a room closer to the elevator."  Dishonest staff, Not recommended!!! (Aug 2011). Notes from review: "Wheelchair room are merely at the end of the hall without a partition wall separating the clothes hangers from the rest of the room."

Coast Plaza Hotel and Conference Center - Review: Nice hotel with a couple of drawbacks (July 2012) Notes from review: "...the pool and hot tub were also unaccessable [by wheelchair] because of stairs." Excellent service (Feb 2012) Notes from review: "... a car with no handicap placard [was] parked in the handicap space close to the door that I needed, as I'm in a wheelchair. The city police were there at the time and I asked them if they could do something and they told me that they ran the plate and the owner was older so they weren't going to do anything about it...The hotel desk also knew about this and never did anything about it."

Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Calgary Airport  - Review: A little slice of home... (Oct 2011). Notes from review: "They have handicap rooms which suck (no tub...huge bathroom smaller room) be careful you don't get one of those if you're not handicapped."

Courtyard Calgary Airport - Review: What a spacious room (July 2012) Notes from review: "Rooms are also equipped for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing with a special door bell that activates strobe lights."

Days Inn Calgary Airport - Review: We loved it! (July 2012) Notes from review: " I am disabled and one of the receptionists came out from behind the counter to assist my wife (a couple of the other guests also helped) as I could not...The bathroom was adapted and very suitable for my needs"

Days Inn Calgary South - Review: I thought it was a good idea at first, But... (Apr 2012) "...we were placed on the 2nd floor at the back of the building ...and of course there is no elevator..." Review: Avoid this place at all costs!!! (July 2011) Notes from review: "didn't have an elevator for the 1st floor where we were staying (there was an evevator for another part of the hotel)." Review: HELLS INN! (June 2011). Notes from review: "...the elevator does not service my floor - Great! Leave elevator, pass reception, smile at clerk and head for stairwell" 

Econo Lodge Inn and Suites University -  Review: No consideration for people with accessibility issues (Nov 2012) Notes from review: "CALLED to speak to a PERSON to book an accessible room. ... [I] needed a room that was on the ground floor with exterior access and accessibility features. I was assured there was a room [like that] available... Upon arrival I was given a room on the second floor of the far building and at the very end of the building which was only accessible by stairs... I was then told I could have a room in the main building with elevator access but that it would be more money. I again explained that I talked to a person so this would not happen but that I would take the elevator accessible room for the same price to which they said that was not possible. ... After much discussion, the front desk agent made some adjustments and gave me the room I booked. (She was very courteous throughout the entire transaction)... I was very upset as I specifically researched this hotel for the type of room I required, I called and spoke to a person and booked exactly what I needed but then had to fight to get what was promised! .. None of the dealings were through a third party site or without human communication."

Econo Lodge South - Review: One Can Sleep Here (Jul 2012) Notes from review: "...there's no elevator, so we wound up humping two suitcases up three floors...'

The Fairmont Palliser - Review: Weekend Wedding Visit Wonderful - great to visit the Palliser as a tourist (Jan 2013) Notes from review: " coordinator Heather...[and team] ... were very helpful in esuring our wheelchair bound Mom ... was safely put in a wheelchair from a cab and called us to announce her arrival the day of the wedding. " Wheelchair users--do not use this Hotel (Aug 2012) Notes from review: "never [saw a wheelchair-accessible] entrance so I parked the van in the parking garage(the one they recommended), we have to go down up a floor then travel a ways then go down to the front good information or conflicting information about how to get to ground floor, being held hostage in the hotel because the next building closes at 10 pm...We have a handicapped parking permit, the hotel told us to use the spots...and yet I received a very angry note saying these spots ere not for hotel users and to use the regular spots, they threatened to tow my van. "  Not worth the money (Aug 2011). Notes from review: "Elevators unreliable, 10 people trapped for 2.5 hrs one night and emergency phone did not work... If you are in a wheelchair, you either get lifted up by the staff to go up the stairs, or travel from the parkade via a number of hallways for a few hundred yards to get to lobby. "

Four Points by Sheraton Calgary Airport - Review:  Very nice but not practical for a wheelchair user :(  (Sep 2012) Notes from review: "ZERO grab bars in the bathroom by the toilet or in the shower....And yet it is listed as an accessible king...THE Bathroom floor is very slippery when wet!!!"

Four Points by Sheraton Calgary West - Review: Won't stay here again. Not worth the price (July 2011). Notes from review: "found myself in small room meant for wheelchair guest"

Greenwood Inn Hotel - Review: Wedding and rooms. (Mar 2009). Notes from review: "The disability room for one of our guests was spacious."

Hampton Inn & Suites Calgary Airport - Review: This Hotel goes the extra mile for excellency in service and compassion for their guests (May 2011). Reviewer used a walker in wheelchair-accessible room.

Harvest Lake Bed & Breakfast - Home away from home (May 2012) Notes from review: "...wouldn't recommend Harvest Lake B&B for someone with a mobility disability, tho, because of the pathway from the street level to the guest quarters: a little long and a little steep, with a combo of large stepping stones and wooden steps. Inside, there is a staircase to the dining room for breakfasts."

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Airport - Advertises 2 accessible rooms, service animals allowed.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Calgary SouthDisappointed - July 2012 (July 2012) Notes from review: "...insufficient parking and only one handicap parking stall."

Holiday Inn Calgary-Macleod Trail South - Good Alternative to Downtown (Apr 2013) Notes from review: " I was asked three times whether I needed assistance with my bag which is a little better than average for a Holiday Inn. ... because the hotel is on a hill at some point you will encounter stairs to get to the level with the elevator (approximately 7 steps) so this might not be the best choice for someone with mobility issues." Notes from management response to this review: "the Hotel built on a slope and lacks the elevator at the entrance, every team member is expected to offer any guest luggage assistance... I am please to advise everyone that we are in the process of having floor plans prepared in order to design and install an elevator...due to the large project we do expect a full service passenger elevator prior to year end." To be expected (Apr 2013): Notes from review: "...every lamp in my room was fitted with those high-efficiency light bulbs that create a horribly bright white light." A Thoroughly Crappy Place (Aug 2011) Notes from review: "We loaded the cart and went through a side entrance only to find stairs between us and our room. .... Only later did we find out there was another entrance to the first floor rooms that had direct access to our rooms." Notes from management response to this review: "... our Hotel does not have an elevator from the main entrance, unfortunately due to the layout of our Hotel an elevator is accessible from the side entrances, and the elevator does reach all floors, upon check in our team informs our guests that if they require assistance we are more than happy to assist" Good LRT access for Downtown or Mall (July 2011). Very Friendly (Dec 2010)

Hotel Arts - Review: Great find in Calgary (Apr 2013) Notes from review: " My ONLY negative is the lighting.... it was too hard to read a book ... I also went to the business office and they had even LOWER lighting. Really was like working by candle light trying to work on their computer." Great location, sophisticated charm (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "Our room despite having 3 lamps was quite dark at night. During the day with the full curtain drawn there was more light in the room."  Great hotel and great location (Mar 2013) Notes from review: "...the rooms are VERY dark - the lighting in the rooms and the hallways are very dim..." A trendy spin on a tired hotel (Nov 2012) Notes from review: "The rooms are too dark. Dark enough that the only place you have enough light to do your ironing is in the bathroom." Staff great, room horrible (Nov 2012) Notes from review: "darkest room I have ever stayed in" For fun, not business (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "The lighting in the rooms is incredibly dim. I had to gather all the lights around the desk and it was still just about impossible to read print." Bridal suite dreams destroyed (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "The room they put me in had a set of stairs on the way and no ramp so we had to lug all the bridal gear and bags down two corridors because the cart was too awkward to lift down the stairs." Dark, and very mixed (Feb 2012) Notes from review: "...the hallways are REALLY dark: dark walls, dim lighting, not in a creepy way, but in an "arty" way...The room, again, is dark (and how many hotels these days actually still use incandescent bulbs? I was really surprised at that), and the highest watt on the incandescents seems to be 40 watts. Lighting in the bathroom, while it creates a mood, is poor and not great for shaving or putting on make-up..."

Hotel Le Germain - Review: Very cool! (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "The room was lit primarily by mood lighting (almost no natural light from the window), and as such, was fairly dark." Beautiful hotel, service lacking (Mar 2013) Notes from review: "... it was very dark even with all the lights turned on. While I appreciate 'mood' lighting - for business travellers light to work by is essential. The lighting at the desk area was particularly poor." Horrible accessibility (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "...when a wheelchair user can not reach the taps in the bathroom, is given a cement block with plastic taped to it in the shower as a shower bench because they don't have any or can not fit their wheelchair between the beds or reach the thermostat, there is a problem. And, this was one of their wheelchair accessible rooms. No adjoining rooms either and very limited turning radius eps or door width clearance." Review: In one word - COOL (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "...try to see if you can figure [the shower] out in less than 1 minute! ... Didn't find a floor mat or towel to place feet on the cold floor after using the shower...Room felt a bit dark..." Review: Excellent hotel but can improve on some point (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "I wish they can put in more lighting as the room felt a little dark even when we set the lights to "ALL ON"." Review: Super modern, good location (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "...figuring out the lights and shower was hilarious - very counterintuitive but once we got used to it they were great. " Great stay but a little too pricy! (June 2012) Notes from review: "... there needed to be instructions on how to use certain items, such as the key slot for the lights, and the shower! We felt quite silly not knowing how to turn on the shower!" Good, but... (May 2011). Notes from review: "It took several attempts at successfully operate the shower ... the computer-controlled lighting system is anything but intuitive. .... And it took me several minutes to realize that the card slot that controls the room’s electricity was hidden in a wall switch." 

Howard Johnson Express - Review: Horrible (July 2012) Notes from review: "Stairs up and down, no ramps for rolling suitcases."

Hyatt Regency Calgary - Review: A Perfect Anniversary Experience (May 2013) "...if you're holding an event in the Gallery... there's no bathroom nearby. You have to go down to the 2nd floor. There's an escalator right there but for my Mom (who was in a wheelchair) it meant finding an elevator..." too expensive...but great location (March 2013) Notes from review: "room was small for a wheelchair accessible room" Review: Disappointing service and cleanliness standards were poor Notes from review: "I turned on all the lights but could still barely see in the dark. There was nowhere near enough lighting in the room. On the second day I did request an extra floor lamp which was brought to me." Review: Amazing experience!  (Sep 2012) Notes from review: "Traveling with a person with a disability is often challenging, however all of the staff went out of their way to make sure our stay was a great experience."

Kensington Riverside Inn - Review: Comfortable and good location (May 2014): "... room decor quite dark with dark binds and the soft ambient lighting insufficient to read in bed, let alone dig out stuff out of luggage..."

Lakeview Signature Inn Calgary AirportVery comfortable, clean and spacious (May 2013) "This [second] room was an 'accessible room' so while the room itself felt a bit smaller, the bathroom was huge - with a normal tub and showever, but also another shower that was wheelchair accessible."  Very Accommodating (Apr 2012) "The hotel put us on a lower floor because my Dad wasn't able to easily manage stairs and we were very close to an exit. For Medical Purposes (Mar 2012) Notes from review: "The staff there ushered us to a ground floor room, as they were already aware of the lack of mobility my husband possessed." " Review from TA member using mobility scooter: I Wish There Was One Of These In Every City (July 2009)

Calgary Marriott Downtown - Review: Great location (July 2013) Notes from review: "My husband is in a wheelchair and the facilities were fine for him with the only exception being the lift to the pool that was broken the whole time we were there..." Great Location, Handicapped room 321 was poor choice (May 2013) Notes from review: "Why was 321 unsatisfactory for 2 able-bodied adults...? 1. To provide room for a wheelchair in 321, the upholstered chair and ottoman, which we had later in 904, were removed...We had, then, only the standard business chair for comfortable seating....The bathroom electrical outlet in 321 was at the door, which was about 4' from the vanity countertop. I thought this distance would be a challenge when using my curling iron, brush, comb or hotel blow dryer. ... there was NO sink stopper in 321 - not even a broken one..." Excellent attentiveness (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "We noticed they have a chair lift for the stair to get to the pool. This appeared to be in good shape."

Nuvo Hotel Suites - Review: Home Away From Home (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "Be mindful of the lack of elevators if mobility is an issue." Review: Overall pretty decent (Aug 2011). Notes from review: "no elevators and we found the stairwells to be quite cramped...We were on the 2nd floor. Would not have liked having to cart heavy stuff up and down those stairs on higher floors." Hotel website addresses elevator issue. Review: Not exactly "boutique" (Dec 2011) Notes from review: "Narrow stairs were the only way to access the rooms and parking ($15.00 a night) was a block away...There is no way that a "person of size" would be comfortable in that bathroom, in fact they might even have trouble getting in the door. "

Ramada Hotel Downtown - Review: Mold in the bathroom (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "The bathroom door was half size and you have to turn sideways to get past door and sit on toilet."

Sandman Hotel Calgary City Center - Review: Good Sandman (Sep 2012) Notes from review: "the parking for the Hotel is underground, and if you want a lift/elevator to your room floor, then park on level 1 or 3, as these are the levels which have direct lift/elevator access...

Sandman Hotel & Suites Calgary Airport - Review: Good Hotel (Feb 2013) Notes from review: "The front doors are a problem, as the outside doors are automatic, but the inside doors are manual. This proved a bit difficult, as I'm in a wheelchair and the inside door is a bit hard to open. ...The restaurant on site was over priced and absolutely NOT wheelchair friendly. "

Sandman Hotel & Suites Calgary South - Review: Not sure I'd stay again (Mar 2013) Notes from review: " ...the rooms weren't well lit.... I think they used 40 watt bulbs everywhere"

Sandman Hotel & Suites Calgary West - Review: Perfectly adequate (July 2013) Notes from review: "We were in room 326, the 'accessible' room, which was fine....The bathroom was nice and large, with a huge walk-in shower." Don't stay here, take a tent (May 2012). Notes from review: "I'm handicapped and they would never clear the handicap parking spots of cars with no handicap identification." 

Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire -  Review: Accessibility at Sheraton Eau Claire Suites (May 2013) Notes from review: "I booked the accessible suite for my mother... she was using a wheelchair [and a walker]. ... When my sister drove up to the hotel at about 4:30 pm on Saturday, she was told it would be 20 minutes before any of the staff could help her. They were too busy. She struggled on her own and people walking by helped her unload the wheelchair and assist with my mother....[That morning] I was told the room would be ready at 3 pm...There was a desk inside the door of the room which had to be moved to get the wheelchair in. The bed was a king size bed - not ideal if you are traveling with a caregiver or companion as most handicapped people are. Unlike some king size beds, this one can't be separated. There is a pullout couch in the living room but it is not very comfortable. The toilet is not a toilet with a higher seat toilet as recommended by ADA but housekeeping will provide a raised chair seat with handles on request. Even thought the square footage seems large, the living room takes up a lot of room leaving the bedroom small and cramped for a walker or wheelchair. A room with 2 queen size beds was worse. Scott, the duty manager that day was very kind and prompt in dealing with my sister's and my concerns and he did as much as he could to accommodate my mother's needs. ... Unfortunately the hot tub had too many steps. They went to the YMCA next door. The photos on the hotel's website are limited but the Tripadvisor website has quite few - study them closely. ...The reservations desk does not have a lot of information regarding the accessibility of the hotel or the rooms.”

Sheraton Cavalier Hotel - Review from TA member with two mentally-challenged children: MOST SPECIAL HOTEL / PEOPLE (Jan 2011)

Staybridge Suites Calgary Airport - Great staff & great genuine warmth through out. (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "had a very gracious lovely woman come to my room for a pillow check! I'm allergic to feather so she inspected the pillows one by one and determined ultimately that all was ok and IT WAS!" Never again! (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "My reservation was booked online one month in advance for a 1 bedroom suite on the first floor as I was traveling with elderly parents. Arriving early for check-in at 3pm, I was told that only upgraded accommodations were available on the first floor. Willing to cover the additional cost to stay on the first floor, I asked how much the difference would be. The front desk clerk was unable to check me into a 2 bedroom upgrade on the first floor and went into the back office. General manager .. was going on about how online bookings do not guarantee requests and was so incredibly rude that I was stunned. ... I was put in a second floor room with the promise that he would do what he could to get me moved to the first floor." 

Stetson Village Inn - Review: No frills; basic but basically clean. (Aug 2011). Notes from review: "Grade level entry "1960's style" was nice for the bicycle were were carrying and using."

Travelodge Calgary Airport - Review: Commendation (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "On a recent holiday to Canada I fell and broke my ankle In 3 places ... After hospital I transfered to The Travelodge for what we thought was one night ...Three days later we were still there. I can't thank the staff enough for finding me a disabled room and going t to great lengths, at a busy time, to ensure we didn't have to change rooms."

Westin Calgary - Review: Hotel "scent" a problem (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "...they spray their "scent" into the air everywhere. I find I have asthma attacks frequently when staying here. The lobby and the rooms are where it is most prominent... it was not something that they were flexible on with the exception of you could ask for your room not to be sprayed."


Aero Space Museum of Calgary - Review: Average (June 2012) Notes from review: "Too many stairs and for us baby boomers they are a tad dangerous."

Calaway Park - My entire family loves going (Aug 2012) Notes from review: "We're a family of 5 and my youngest is handicapped, in general the staff are really courteous to making sure that he has a great time too." To my son thegreatest place on Earth (June 2012) Notes from review:  "My son is a 7 year old autistic boy who can not do an all day trip. ... Staff has always been great & helpful to make it fun for the whole family."

Calgary's +15 Skywalk -: We use it every day! (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "For anyone that has to rely on wheeled mobility, this is a great way to get around downtown. While not all +15s are connected, you can get around about 80% of the downtown core without setting foot out of doors; a definite bonus during inclement weather, a great way to avoid vehicular traffic... "

Calgary Stampede - website accessibily info Feedback from TA member using wheelchair:  Calgary Stampede wheelchair seating and restaurant tickets  - see #7. (Aug 2009) Notes: CTrain riders impeded wheelchair access to train. Recommend restaurant seating for chuckwagon races. Stampede grounds were quite accessible, but Canadian handicap toilets are usually in the male or female toilet section, making it hard for a companion or spouse to assist someone of the opposite gender.

Calgary Zoo - Wheelchair and power chair rentals available. Review: Love the zoo!  Notes from review: "With ctrain access all wheel chair accessible." Can visit this medium size zoo in 1day (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "I was so happy to be able to rent an electric chair for the full day, for only $25 when I travel to see other places I have to spend $50." not worth the money but more important, sad place for the animals (Aug 2011). Notes from review: "Don't bother with someone in a can forget about seeing a lot of the exhibits."

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame - Review: Well worth a visit, but not at full price (Aug 2012) Notes from review: "The exhibit area is on several tiered levels, but these are connected by ramps as well as by stairs, so fully accessible for weelchair users."

Chinook Centre - Review: Not a good mall if you're handicapped (Sep 2012) Notes from review: "Requiring a wheelchair to shop, I was given an old chair without a pocket to so much as be able to carry any purchases.. Because they don't have an electric chair I had to bring someone along to push me, but then there was no where to carry my ourse, her purse or any bags other than on my lap."

Heritage Park - Review: Extensively renovated and updated (July 2012) Notes from review: "Its a long walk from the carpark that could benefit from more disability aids. Many gravel paths but yes wooden pathways do assist."  Review from TA member using disability scooter: Good (June 2012) Notes from review: "...quite disabled friendly..."

Jubilations Dinner Theatre - Review: Wheelchair access brilliant!!! (Nov 2012) Notes from review: "Finally a venue for wheelchairs. The washrooms are not so friendly. But where do you get a theatre that will let a wheelchair go anywhere."

Reader Rock Gardens - Review: Unexpected and gorgeous! (May 2012) Notes from review:  "If you have mobility issues, exploring the actual gardens might be tricky, but you could still easily go to the cafe and enjoy the surroundings from the pathway."

Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium - Review: From a disabled viewpoint... (July 2013) Notes from review: "Upon arrival parking was convenient and seemed fairly plentiful though we arrived the recommended 45 minutes early. On entering the building it was difficult to find the ramp that lead to the upper lobby area that allowed one into the theatre area. We were shown to our seats but never shown (nor was it mentioned as we passed it) the handicapped washroom nearest us. Instead we made our way back to one near the entrance (we were directed to it though this other was very near our seats). We had front row handicapped and companion seating and found that a portion of what happened on stage was not visible because it was blocked by the side of the stage or by lighting equipment. This was quite disappointing and I do wish they would try to provide some handicapped seating in the first few rows that was not in the `wings`of the theatre. Those were are only negatives at the theatre."


Anejo Restaurant - Review: Gourmet Mexican Food - Best in Calgary Notes from review: "Most of the chairs in the lounge are very uncomfortable - so try to get a table in the restaurant. The tables were high with bar chairs, so if you have a disability, ask if they have a table that can accommodate you."

Blink Restaurant & Bar - Review: Good service and appetizer, but entrees very lackluster Notes from review: "Tables are a little crowded for a romantic atmosphere. Bathrooms were downstairs so not sure if it's wheelchair accessible."

Briggs Kitchen & Bar - Review: Loud...but good food (May 2014) Notes from review: "This place is very loud! Loud music, loud television just loud. Made it really difficult to have a conversation without shouting."

Canadian Brewhouse - Review: disabled not welcome Notes from review: "if you can walk up to second floor its ok. managent decided not to open main floor so if you have trouble walking or in wheelchair go somewhere else. shame would have liked to have a local place to go."

Candela Lounge - Review: The Candela Flickers Notes from review: "The bench seats near the door ... were uncomfortable to sit on and even more uncomfortable to eat as the pairing between the table and the seats was less than ideal, requiring considerable reaching and lower back strain. I would also suggest that the menu font size be increased, or at the very least, magnifying glasses be provided in the low light conditions of the restaurant. "

Chef's Table at Kensington Riverside Inn - Review: “One of the best meals I have had in Calgary!” Notes from review: "...the attention to our party's needs was also outstanding. We required a quiet atmosphere for our hearing impaired guest..."

Diner Deluxe - Review: Good Food and Wheelchair Accessible! (May 2013) Notes from review: "[Dinner here] was at the last minute because our first choice was not wheelchair/ walker accessible. Diner Deluxe does not take reservations but they did set up a table for us ahead of time and there are no steps at the entrance. However I didn't see any handicap parking although there may be one at the back off the alley..." up for something new (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "...very close quarters though.. so if your mobilitly challenged it may be tough.. I wouldn't want to try and take my brother there in a wheelchair.. unless it was a short sport chair....."

East Side Mario's (NE location) - Review: worst service ever (Aug 2013) Notes from review:  "the staff knew some people in our group had a disability that included vision and mobility impairments. they seated us in an inaccessible booth. when one of the guys tried to read the menu up close- the server said he should have gotten better glasses. we did talk with the manager to let him know what was happening. he said- sorry we don't normally serve people with disabilities in this restaurant. we ended up eating somewhere else."

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria - Review: Great pizza, confusing service system Notes from review: "You get seated at a table but are told you must get up and go to the cashier to order your food and drinks by table number...Then your waiter/waitress brings your food and drinks. If you want dessert or more drinks, you need to go up to the cashier and order again or sometimes your server will take the order for you. If you choose to pay at the end of your meal you can go up to the cashier and pay, but some people paid at their table..."

Halo - Review: Halo. Far From Angelic - Notes from review:  "If you end up upstairs beware of the stairs. They are dark, steep and poorly lit. Really an insurance claim waiting to happen. And it almost did when our 80+year old fell and tumbled on them."

Higher Ground - Review: Great for a casual weekend lunch Notes from review: "It's not a handicap accessible place; there are stairs at the front of the building, hence the name Higher Ground."

James Joyce Irish Pub - Review: Loved the decor and cubby areas...  (May 2012) Notes from review: "Bathroom is down a very narrow stairwell..."

Japanese Village - Review: Excellent (Aug 2012) Notes from review: "...stairs up to the restaurant are difficult for older folks." Absolutely terrible service and washroom conditions (June 2011) Notes from review: Stairs.

Joey Eau Claire - Review:  Good tasty food (July 2012) Notes from review: "...the hostess didn't really care I had a hearing problem so couldn't be seated near loud music if I wanted to hear my fellow diners - this was disappointing..."

Keg Steakhouse (130 Ave SE) - Review:  Service was great (Nov 2012) Notes from review: "Completely wheelchair accessible"

Keg Steakhouse (Macleod Tr) - Review: Wheelchair Bound---Beware (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "Before noon today, I called the Keg for reservations and informed them that one of my guests was in a large wheelchair. Being considerate of other diners, we booked for 5:30. We were escorted to a table first disrupting other diners and then pushed into the tiniest of alcoves where two of the guests were pushed up against the table and could not back up...Tonight, the manager told me that the McLeod Trail site was 45 years old and they were addressing accessibility in newer sites. Over the years, I've watched them change things. I don't know why they can't address accessibility."

Keg Steakhouse (Stadium) -  Review: Wheelchair Bound---Beware (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "At the Stadium site, there are no lifts, only stairs. Because it's across the street from one of Calgary's larger hospitals, we made the entirely reasonable assumption that it would be wheelchair accessible. The staff informed us they could carry my two hundred pound guest and his five hundred pound wheelchair up the stairs. We drove across the city to the Marlborough site. We would choose another restaurant but my wheelchair-bound guest loves the food at the Keg. We all do....I was told by the people at the Stadium site that they didn't need to do anything about accessibility since they were "grand-fathered" in."

Kilt & Caber Ale House - Review: Large McKenzie Town Pub (May 2013) Notes from review: "Watch the unlit steps if you're sitting on one of the raised levels."

LeVilla Restaurant  - Review: Excellent (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "My wife's mother walks using a walker. This restaurant had a complete level entry and lots of space between tables to manoeuvre."

Montana's Cookhouse (Sunridge) - Review: very helpful staff (Aug 2013) Notes from review: " They do have a large print/ braille menu for people with vision impairments to use. The manager also takes the time to talk with the customers who have food allergies to ensure their food is safe to eat."

Moxie's (McKnight & Barlow) - Review: Overpriced and not wheelchair friendly (Feb 2013) Notes from review: "...the room is DEFINITELY NOT wheelchair friendly. The first time we went in, they wanted to seat us at a tall table with tall stools on a raised platform..."

Nathan's Restaurant & Bar - Review: Food for one or many (Apr 2012) Notes from review: "...had trouble hearing the server, It came across as I needed help as I am hard of hearing, once the server, heard me she was beautiful..."

Original Joe's (Stephen Ave) - Review: Another great spot on Stephen Avenue (Mar 2013) Notes from review: "One note for anyone movement impaired - the bathrooms are downstairs."

Osteria de Medici - Review: We will not return and were very disappointed. (Nov 2010) Notes from review: No handicapped parking. No handicapped washrooms.

Rose Garden Thai -  Review: Authentic and Tasty for those who can make it up stairs (Sep 2011) Good ... but not memorable (Mar 2012) Notes from review: "At the top of a steep flight of worn, carpeted stairs..."

Rouge - Review: A truly beautiful evening! (June 2011) Notes from review: "The only restrooms are on second story."

Rush - Review: Terrific (Sept 2011) Notes from review: "They have valet service on the weekends after 5 pm which was great for my father who has to use a cane and can't walk far." 

Sakana Grill - Review: So uncomfortable (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "...the seats are extremely uncomfortable: hard wooden benches (without backs) that are way too deep (and I'm 6' 1")..."

Shark Club - Review: Sports bar (Nov 2012) Notes from review: "had an elevator to go to the 2nd floor, unfortunately not to the lower floor where the dance floor is"

Silver Dragon - Review: Excellent Chinese food that is good quality, tasty and fast. (Aug 2012) Notes from review: "Only drawback was stairs to climb up to get into the restaurant."

T.Pot - Review: Best Dim Sum in Calgary (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "I've been to this establishment three times now and every time, I was promptly seated, served tea and was offered all the assistance that I needed with the menu items. I am also a wheelchair user which didn't make a difference in the busy restaurant."

The Unicorn - Review: Great St Patricks week menu (Mar 2013) Notes from review:  "It's down a fairly steep flight of stairs..."

Vin Room (4th St location) - Review: Terrific Tapas! (Mar 2013) Notes from review: "Getting to the bathroom is an adventure that people who do not like stairs will not be up for..."

The Vintage Chophouse and Tavern - Review: We had the best meal in a long time... (Nov 2012) Notes from review: " I am a little disabled I can't walk to good most times without my can[e] and there were some stairs to the ladies room and one of the gentlemen that worked there helped me down the stairs and showed me directly to the ladies room no pointing he took me there made sure I was okay."

White Spot (Macleod Trail location) - Review: Wonderful (Dece 2012) Notes from review: "...ask for a table if you are a larger sized person - their booths are very tight, even for an average person "