Don't forget to replace every female pronoun with the word   SHE  .  Example.  What is HER Name..  What is SHE Name.   Where is her home.   Where is She Home  (incredibly bajan.. and very annoying.)

another really good phrase..  " she/he gone to come back".  this means whomever you are looking for has left the office/area/wherever and is coming back..  This does not however mean that the person giving you this information has been told or is privy to any further information.. such as where she/he has gone.. when they plan to come back..  etc etc..

Some words / phrases islanders use and their meaning. - ' a Cutter ' a soft bread roll made into sandwiches for lunch , filled with ham , cheese , fish cakes , etc. e.g a ham cutter.

- ' Get a ZR" means a bus, small privately owned vans which are white with a maroon stipe down the sides - proper name being Route Taxi. Yellow buses used as public transportation are also called ' 'Reggae Bus ' as they play music at maximum volume as they transport passengers

' - Mekking sport " means you are joking around or in good humour you are teasing or kidding . Do look at this link for some examples of words and phrases of Barbados, by Island poet / writer Bruce St John.

Wikipedia is also an excellent source of information. The link below has an extensive list of Barbadian phrases etc.