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Sandrine N wrote a review Aug 2022
1 contribution3 helpful votes
Before arriving at the final destination, Rome, they told us to let our luggage in the corridor in front of our rooms with special labels with our name on them and that the day after in the morning they will give us back but when we went out of the boat in the special area dedicated to our cruise, one of our 5 luggages was missing. They said that they can t find it and let us like this, without apologize, explanation, nothing. We were told that the boat arrived two hours mate and then they were in a rush with the luggage and they didnt check who was taking the luggage of who. We filed a report to signal the incident and se had to go to the italian police station in thé airport also to make a claim so that the police can make an investigation and see the cameras of the boat of the 22 and 23rd of August 2022. We called NCL in Miami, in France but nobody gave us any answer. We have no news and they lost a big luggage of is with valuable things inside!!!! No emails from them, no phone calls, nothing at all!!!

Its is a shame they just take your money and they dont take care of your goods!
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Sail Date: August 2022
Cabin Type: Suite
Type of Trip: Family (older kids)
Destination: Mediterranean
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Norwegian Escape

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Passengers: 4,266   |   Crew: 1,733
Passengers to crew: 2.46:1
Launched: 2015   


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Cabin size: 103 - 276 sq. ft.
Connected rooms: 213
Accessible rooms: 16
Maximum passengers: 6
Number of cabins: 1168
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paulabI3976GM wrote a review 21 Jan
Lisbon, Portugal4 contributions
My family was denied Boarding! Stay away from this company !! Choose Royal Caribbean or MSC instead. I didn't have any trouble with them. My biggest mistake in life was to choose NCL this time !! This event dates back August 2022. My family was denied boarding the Norwegian Escape in civitavecchia in Rome , simply because the land crew "forgot" that the terms and conditions no longer required a Covid booster as in July, and before that only 2 shots were enough. Me, my husband and 12-year-old daughter had the 2 shots at the time). They insisted, since we booked the cruise, that we should always focus on the Sailing Terms until the date of sailing, because these could change. That's what we did !And they have changed ! There was a point they then required a booster and then a few days before sailing in August, they waived that requirement. So in the sailing terms in August (I printed and I can prove it ) not only it wasn't required anymore, but all unvaccinated passengers were allowed boarding too. On the day of sailing, the 23rd August, They tried to scamm a few families saying all must have a booster to board !! I had even called their Customer service to check I was following all requirements before ctaching my flight and the operators said and firmly indicated no booster was required !! The phone call was recorded but I changelled them to listen to it too and they simply don't care and avoid the subject!! If I knew a booster was really necessary I was ready to comply and get it !! Why would I show up at the port without it ?? I can only think they originated such an absurd mistake probably because they overbooked !! And they insisted it was our fault and didn't refund us! We are talking about almost 7000 euros. And some families , some American and Canadian had spent over 20k !! Also after several e-mails they made up a different story this time, that actually it was because our daughter's covid recovery certificate expired. Wait !! What ? My daughter had to get Covid again so that she could have another covid certificate ??? This is insane ! Does it ever expire ??? At least in Portugal you can't renew any covid recovery certificate unless you get Covid again. And it makes sense, right ? I explained that. This company is the worst I have ever experienced. Not only they can't see how ridiculous this is, as they won't refund us anyway ! I filed a complaint in the European Union already and in the Uk too. If this fails for any reason, which I doubt as this is absurd, I'm seeking legal action. If you are a journalist and would like to get the whole story feel free to contact me. Lawyers are welcome too. These scammers need to get what they deserve and not get away with scam and treat us this way!! I had my holidays ruined ! I also spent a lot of money staying in Italy last minute ! All I asked is for them to refund me without any other compensation , not even what I had to spend in Italy for 11 days ! They refused ! How can this be ?? Some families had they vacation ruined. Others went along with they scam and rushed to get a booster last minute and catch a flight ot the next port in Greece !! They didn't have too but this was the only way they could board, they said. If that's true I don't know, if they ever managed to board anyway. This is so unfair !! I tried to resolve this amiccably but they turned down to solve the big mess they did and refund us !! So in short they win twice: they keep your money under false allegations and win again because you didn't board, so you don't eat or drink !! Maybe your cabin was sold to someone else. Their win again ! We must have justice served ! Don't be fooled !
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This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Tim H wrote a review 20 Jan
1 contribution
I purchased cruise credits a year ago and regret it, now I have to use them up. I have one more Norwegian cruise coming up in April but after that I will never sail on Norwegian again. I have so many things I dislike about this Cruise line. Food is honestly awful, very plain I am not sure if they have a cheese shortage or just trying to save money and push customers to pay extra for the specialty dining. You also need to read the fine print on what vegetables are included in your meal. A few times when I just ordered the main entry, I was served a blob of soggy cooked spinach as a side vegetable, since then I have looked for what vegetable comes with the meal and have substituted the soggy spinach with broccoli, or something more appetizing. I ordered French onion soup in the main dining room; it was a bowl or broth with some onions and a piece of bread floating in it with a half a teaspoon of cheese on the bread. (I always like French onion soup but because of all the baked-on cheese on top), I heard the French restaurant on board has a proper French onion soup. I went to the Italian restaurant (specialty restaurant) when I was on Norwegian sky and ordered the Lasagna, this was not much better, it was basically noodles with meat sauce and for some reason hardly any cheese. I ordered cream of broccoli cheese soup, it was very plain, I could not taste any cheese, it was like I just ordered some boiled broccoli. They have decided to replace the usual half & half cream for the coffee with coffee mate creamers, even when I asked if I could get some proper half & half cream for my coffee they could not and said we have this instead (coffee mate creamer). I am guessing this is a push for us to purchase coffee at Starbucks on board. Pool tables cost $4.95 US per game, I know I have played pool on RCC ships, and they do not cost anything. This so called anytime dining is a bad idea, it should be called if you want to dine at regular times expect to wait 3/4 of an hour for a table or eat late. every night we had long waits to eat, usually 3/4 of an hour or more at the Manhattan restaurant and 1/2 to 3/4 or an hour at the Taste and Savor restaurants. We barely saw any shows because the line ups were so long, and it was hard to make any reservations. I went to one show that was good but had to stand the entire time. We had credits on our account because they cancelled 2 ports, one was for an excursion we booked, and one was for port fees. We had to line up at guest services to collect the money or they would not let us disembark, and they refused to refund our credit cards, so basically the entire ship had to waste time lining up on the last day to get their money or they would be delayed disembarking on the Saturday. This was ridiculous, they said they did not have the means to refund our credit cards???? I said can you at least pay me back in Canadian funds as I am Canadian, and I paid my payments in Canadian. I spoke with someone working for Norwegian on board (not a dining staff or my cabin attendant) that told me the staff has been given a pay cut and have been told to work longer hours and on top pf that Norwegian is keeping the gratuities we pay for the cabin attendants and dining staff. I believed them because I could see many staff members did not look happy. I decided that well I can't do much about the dining staff as we had a different waiter every night, I went to guest services and told them I am not happy with the service and because these gratuities are optional, I got a complete refund, and decided I would give that full amount directly to the cabin attendant. Waiter service was also hard to find a server, I am assuming this is, so we have to line up to get a drink or do without, reducing the quantity of drinks we consume on our beverage package. My cabin was small but sufficient and the cabin attendant did a good job keeping fresh towels and cleaning the room twice daily and she was very pleasant when we saw her. I have one more sailing with Norwegian because of my cruise credits, once that's done, I will never sail with Norwegian cruises again.
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This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Tangela G wrote a review 16 Jan
Chicago, Illinois9 contributions5 helpful votes
We took a seven day cruise in Jan 2023 and was ready to run off the ship when it docked. They served the same food EVERY morning and lunch. Even in the specialty dinning restaurants they rotated the menu between them EVERY day. The food was mediocre and the entertainment, what little there was, lacked any real creativity or thought. The pools, hot tub and deck were ALWAYS packed beyond capacity no matter what time of day or night. Our cabin attendant Putra was absolutely AMAZING and the food service staff were nice for the most part. This ship definitely does not have enough entertainment or variety for the price you will pay to cruise on it!
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This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
grannyli wrote a review 16 Jan
North Carolina14 contributions14 helpful votes
Experienced traveler -6th cruise; sailed previously on Carnival, Norway(Norwegian), Princess, Celebrity. - Last cruise was on Celebrity in September 2022.- Sadly, we booked this cruise as well as one to Greece (for May 2023) at the same time. To say that things went wrong from the start is an understatement. I will try to be succinct. Offered thru I.D.-me a 10% discount for military current and vets.- Signed up and verified immediately- booked cruises directly with Norwegian agent-unable to link and apply discount. Numerous calls and emails finally resulted in discount 4 months after booking- positive note = lovely reception onboard meeting fellow veteran ship officers Embarkation day- TAXES charged on all purchased beverages (although we had the drink package); taxes were again levied for 1 hour whilst sailing through international waters (by Puerto Rico?) WiFi- package of 150 minutes per person- Mine was eliminated while I was at the pool on the 2nd day (phone wasn't with me) They never said you had to log out-THE MINUTES TICK AWAY AS SOON AS YOU TOUCH IT AND WILL CONTINUE W/OUT USE UNLESS YOU LOG OUT Drink package- reviewed prior to purchase and determined that it was adequate for our needs with what was offered.- THEREIN LIES THE RUB! List we reviewed when booking (less than 2 months prior to sailing) indicated one thing but when we got there the choice had been bumped up a dollar eliminating it. Nothing to replace and the other choice was not available- nothing premium in the bourbon world Food-mediocre at best including the 'Specialty dining'. Upcharges for the restaurants were ridiculous and included additional upcharges for some items Casino- allows smoking; I am really not one of those but it was intolerable. It permeated the entire main area of that floor Disembarcation- a total poop show! We were unable to visit our last port due to weather (no biggie) -the night before they reimbursed port charges to each guest (refundable if you went to customer service)-these lines were at least an hour wait every day and all day. At 10 the night before they also reimbursed $50/pp NON-refundable. Again, no biggie. Rather than stand in line we chose to "use" the refundable portion and did so within a few dollars. The non-refundable monies we were going to let go as it could only be used in the shops AND wasn't offered on your acct until 10 p.m.- The morning we left they announced that any account not cleared would not be allowed off of the ship. THIS INCLUDED CREDITS! We stood in line along with the other guests for an HOUR AND A HALF! We left our cabin at 8 a.m. and finally disembarked at 11 a.m. (and yes we chose the earliest departure time of 9 a.m.) This ship houses 5200 guests-that is at least 1000 too many. The ship is overcrowded and if a disaster did happen when all was aboard it is doubtful that exit would be possible. The main atrium is impossible to attend unless you arrive EARLY! (We finally got a seat in the atrium by getting there at 9 a.m. on the last sailing day. We had 2 meals in which we were able to hold a normal conversation. There is a constant cacophany of sound. The pool is impossible to enter on Sea days as it 6'8" deep end to end so everyone congregates on the edges The staff are amazing and reflects what I feel is good management. The problems lie in the policy and decision makers. Am really hoping that our long awaited trip to Europe in May will be an improvement. Unfortunately I am unable to cancel (and yes I tried when returning home).
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This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
TravelKid6 wrote a review 15 Jan
Phoenix, Arizona73 contributions36 helpful votes
The ship is great !! Plenty to do, eat and participate in. Yes it is a big ship with a lot of people so you have to be patient at times, but this is expected and overall handled very well on this ship. Deck Crew was AWESOME at keeping us laughing and busy with games and entertainment. Will definitely be traveling on board with Norwegian again soon,.
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This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.