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Do Olympic flights to Athens get cancelled?

Hello, we are going to be in zakynthos this summer and have a question regarding flights back to Athens. Our flight back to Canada leaves Athens at 2:45 pm on Wednesday July 4th. We are trying to decide on the best option.

1. Leave Zakynthos the Tuesday morning and spend the day in Athens.

We are not a fan of this option since we have already been to Athens and only have 9 nights for our honeymoon in Greece. Would really like to make the most of our island time.

2. Take a 7:25 pm flight to Athens the Tuesday evening. This would mean leaving our suitcases at the hotel and just lazing around at the beach our last day. Not sure if this will be a downer of a day waiting to leave.

3. Take a 6:50 am flight to Athens with Olympic the Wednesday morning. I guess we would stay at the airport once we're there since there'd only be about 4 hours before it's time to check into the flight.

We are leaning towards option 3 but are worried

this option is too risky? We will be screwed if the flight gets cancelled. How reliable are these Olympic flights? Thank you for any experience/advice you can share with me.