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Badlands related questions - Bisti,De-Na-Zin, ah-shi-sle-pah

Re-posting from the NM forum as it did not get attention..

Bisti,De-Na-Zin, ah-shi-sle-pah wsa Badlands in NM look breathtaking and full of photo ops. I am planning to go there in a few weeks and I want to clarify a few things before I go.

1) If you have only a 1/2 day which one is a more doable out of those 3.

2) Which one offers better photo ops and what time is better to shoot it(sunrise or sunset).

3) If I am to stay for the sunset and possible to some night photography (which I have seen plenty of amazing photos), what are my feasible lodging options (tent camp, come back in the middle of the night to the car or drive to the nearest town).

4)Any safety related concerns by doing night photography.

Thanks a lot.