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VIRAK Buntham bus company

Alicante, Spain
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VIRAK Buntham bus company

If you are thinking about about traveling from Siem Reap to Vietnam by bus, DO NOT use the VIRAK Buntham bus company!!! They claim to have the only "sleeper bus" that goes directly from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Mihn City and takes 12-13 hours. And that's where the lies start. You in fact have to change buses in Phnom Penh at about 2:30am (this after having been going since 7:30pm) and the total journey time is more like 17 hours.

Outside each location where they sell these bus tickets are signs touting how this sleeper bus has free wi fi, "long beds" and toilets on board. The wi fi is free because there is none (minor point). The beds might be long for infants but for everyone else they are so short, with metal bars on both ends, that the only possibilities for laying there are the types of stress positions which would make Dick Cheney proud. The beds are positioned close to the roof so that sitting up is also not an option. And those toilets? As the Driver had to tell many people, "No have". With stops only every 4 hours, it made for a long, dry and extremely uncomfortable trip.

If you plan on heading this way or have friends that are, tell them to make different arrangements, even if they are more expensive or take more time. We wish we had...

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Sydney, Australia
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1. Re: VIRAK Buntham bus company

In today's media reports:


Best regards. Ian

Leipzig, Germany
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2. Re: VIRAK Buntham bus company

Hi there,

We tried to safe time with Virak Buntham and the idea was to take the overnight bus from Phnom Penh to Bangkok. It costs 28$ pP.

Don't do it.

They said the bus will leave at midnight, so we would be at the border aroung 6am, so the crossing is supposed to be less crowded. And then another 3-4hours to Bangkok.

First it doesn't take you 5 hours tonget to the border - it took us 8 hours, bc the bus started late and stopped several times. The border was totally crowded and after the border they squeeze 11 people in a van made for 7. Luggage on top of you. And then a boy drives the van, but to skip the charge for the highway the y go on a bumpy backroad. After we all forced the driver to go back on the highway it got a little better. In the end we arrived in Bangkok at 5pm instead of 11am.

Idea: Go to the border by bus or Taxi from Siem Reap, do the border and take a government bus in Thailand or the train for 38bht.

Be aware that travel agencies usually don't sell you the cheaper and better situated busses, so buy your ticket at a bus terminal.

Cape Town
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3. Re: VIRAK Buntham bus company

Thank you for the post. We wish we read your post before we booked our tickets with VIRAK BUNTHAM.

We got so robbed!

We booked tickets at the Garden Village Hostel from Siem Reap to Shinaoukville. In the middle of the night with everyone sleeping the staff opened the bottom luggage hold when stopping in Phnom Penh and cleaned out our bags. They stuffed bus blankets in to the bags in the hope that we would only discover the theft after we had left the bus. The two bus drivers turned from well spoken Cambodians to aggressive criminals who had completely stopped speaking English the moment we discovered the theft. Initially they refused to take us to the VIRAK BUNTHAM office in Shinoukville, but we refused to leave the bus. It turned out the bus had to go to the office anyway. We found very little help from the VIRAK BUNTHAM management or the police. The police refused to take a statement and only wanted a list of what was stolen. Mr Odam from the immigration police told me he doesn't believe the theft occurred. Be warned. From other accounts and our experience the company has a well run theft syndicate operating above the law. One girl posted she found her iPhone in the company offices after she activated the FIND YOUR PHONE APP.

Don't use VIRAK BUNTHAM and ask your accomodation not to sell their tickets.

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4. Re: VIRAK Buntham bus company

in the press


Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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5. Re: VIRAK Buntham bus company

$6,000 worth of camera equipment stored in the luggage hold on a bus in a 3rd world country. Sorry mate but you deserve to be robbed & make it hard for travellers who follow in your footsteps.

newcastle upon tyne
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6. Re: VIRAK Buntham bus company

What a prat. There is a cheap 1 hr flight between the 2 cities, and he takes a 12 hr overnight bus for a few $'s :) lol

Cape Town Central...
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7. Re: VIRAK Buntham bus company

I agree. It was a pretty stupid thing to do.

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8. Re: VIRAK Buntham bus company

Never take this bus. I scheduled a night bus and they were supposed to pick me up from my hostel between 1:00-2:00. At around 1:40 I emailed them and they said they were on their away. Again at 2:15 I emailed them and asked where they were. They finally emailed me back (at 3:25) and claimed they couldn't find me (even though I followed the directors they gave me: wait in my hostel lobby from 1:00-2:00. I even gave them my room number in case there there were other problems) so they had left without me. I needed to be in Bangkok by the next afternoon so the bus in the morning was not an option. Although they are giving me my money back (at least that's what they claim), I still had to spend a lot more on a plane ticket to get to Bangkok in time. I could have booked a different bus or a plane at an earlier date and saved a lot of money. Do not use this bus.

Edited: July 30, 2016, 7:07 pm
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9. Re: VIRAK Buntham bus company

I have taken a Virak Buntham (hotel type) overnight bus from Phnom Phen to Bangkok, and besides the drivers beeing grumpy and impolite I did not have any problems. (Of course one cannot expect to be perfectly on time, but that is always like that)

I simply booked the trip at a local hostel (one step hostel) in Phnom Phen, where the bus company picked me up (aroun 9pm). I arrived at the border at around 5am, and after having passed all formalities (whih may take some time), the trip continued in a minivan from the same company.

Just be sure to always have your bus ticket or seat card, as some scammer might try to take it away

More details:


Makati, Philippines
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10. Re: VIRAK Buntham bus company

I should have known earlier. Travelertick where I booked my ticket just gave me the bus details today. Our schedule departing Siem Reap is at midnight going to bangkok. I read all the reviews and all of them are very bad. I feel horrible now. need to spend $65 for plane ticket. Cos we have flight tomorrow afternoon going krabi. I don't want to have any difficulties. Thanks for the reviews/ heads up. If ever you will try to book buses going vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand. Try MEKONG EXPRESS, service is excellent. They're also on time. I just knew it now when I checked their website that they have siem reap to bangkok but one schedule only in the morning.

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