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Easy going trip with toddler? Korcula, Dubrovnik, Vis

Thanks for all the info posted in this forum - it's been very helpful.

We are traveling in peak season for 7-9 days with our 21 month yr old. She needs a place to nap in late afternoons which means we can't spend a whole day out without somewhere to lay her down for 2-3 hours. So we are hoping to base ourselves in 1 or 2 places, likely Dubrovnik and Korcula town. The sandy shallow beaches in Lumbarda are a big draw. We can do longish morning trips (9-1 or 2pm) and shorter early evening excursions (4 or 5 - 7pm). One nap option could be her sleeping on a car trip but it has to be at least 2 hours driving (can you tell we have a fussy sleeper? :)


Suggestions for number of days in each place (4-5 nights Korcula, 2-3 nights Dubrovnik)?

We were not planning to rent a car - it sounds unhelpful in Dubrovnik but maybe it would be handy in Korcula?

We were also looking at going to Vis, but that seems like a challenge unless we are going through Split. We could fly in and out of Split instead of Dubrovnik and base ourselves in Trogir and Vis, instead of Dubrovnik and Korcula. Thoughts on that alternative plan?

We have an interest in traveling to Mostar and considered this itinerary: fly to Dubrovnik and ferry to Korcula (3 nights), ferry to Dubrovnik and go to Mostar (need to rent car? stay in Mostar 2 nights), back to Dubrovnik (2 nights). Too rushed?

Last alternative: we take it super slow and stay 7 nights in one island - Korcula or Vis, making morning beach, walking or cycling trips and evenings walking around town, maybe driving to a tasty konoba.

Thank you for your insights!