Black Narcissus TV-series shot in Jomsom

Not really much to do with tourism, but with trekking on the back burner I though I bring this up.

It caught my eye that the new BBC mini-series Black Narcissus had been partly shot in Jomsom area. So I watched through the 3 part series. There is a quite famous and good movie made in 1947 from the same book published in 1939.

The idea of Hindu palace in the heart of the Himalaya is strange to begin with, but let's put that aside now.

Great shots of the mountains including Dhaulagiri used as backgrounds. Present day road does show in some places.

- the suspension bridge seen at the start (nuns moving to the palace) is the Swiss design from the eighties now prevalent everywhere. At that time local ropes and twine was used and spans were never this long.

- the palace is located inconveniently on a narrow ledge about 500 m above the village. Long hike to there and back.

- Local inhabitants are are a curious mixture of Bhotias and lowland Nepalis, all dressed in their finery.

- Sadhu sits naked outside while there is a buddhist temple in the village.

- A western tea factory foreman speaks Nepali to the locals. Nepali was not spoken or understood anywhere except in the Kathmandu Valley and Gorgha district at that time. He should speak Thakali or some such.

- A poor Dalit girl Kanchi is dressed in really beautiful clothes and wears silver earrings. (Dipika Kunwar as Kanchi is so pretty it hurts).

- Local shacks have corrugated iron roofs. I just went through my 1984-86 slides from Annapurna Circuit and all roofs were made of shale.

So if your are in a lockdown (one looming in the horizon for us) and want distraction connected with Nepal here is one.