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usa honeymoon for 4 weeks

hi all,

we are going to be 25&26 at the time of travel

we are getting married at the start of August 2019 and would love to head over to USA for our honeymoon 3-4 weeks is what we were thinking about.

We have never been..

would be leaving a few days after the wedding, we would love suggestions on where to stop, or roads to go via.

budget: approx $15,000 for flights, accomodation , car hire, and Disneyland/Univeral studios/grand canyon tickets too if possible...

places we want to visit: Los Angeles, Anaheim, Las Vegas, San Francisco, NYC and Hawaii (on the way back to Australia)

we were thinking of hiring a car from Anaheim (after Disneyland to get to Las Vegas) or even from Las Vegas to San Francisco.. as we don't need a car between transfers, uber/taxi we can get around without having to pay extra for car hire plus having to pay for the car to stay at each hotel for the whole time...

we would love to be able to drive Via Death Valley, even stay at Lake Tahoe etc... and any suggestions as to where to start and end... in California (LA-ANAHEIM-SAN FRANCISCO-LAS VEGAS) or another way?

we want to do things like Disneyland(3 days) Grand Canyon (suggestions on best tours to do via helicopter or zip line etc) baseball game, alcatraz, universal studios, but also things that are not typical touristy... but we are not really up for back packing or hard physical activity.

is approx $250 AUD pp per day enough for food, fuel (when we have the car) and spending with big ticket items already purchased?

any suggestions on AIR BNB or hotels aswell? as we are open to all types of homes, cabins or hotels...