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Driving hire car to and from Arezzo from Florence

Sydney, Australia
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Driving hire car to and from Arezzo from Florence

This is less of a question than a statement. I have read this forum since discovering I had entered a restricted traffic zone in Arezzo in March 2017 while travelling on a work trip that required photographing in the old part of the city. Unwittingly while staying in an airbnb on the edge of a restricted zone I ventured in to restricted zone when driving to a nearby parking station. Over the course of three days I moved the car three times from one parking station to another in order to ensure that I was not effected by some situation where the ticket did not work beyond a 24 hour cycle. To do so I travelled about two blocks each time in the restricted zone and have been fined 3 times - with each fine amounting to 108.50 euros (the "discounted" rate for early payment). I understand that others who have complained about this revenue raising system were heavily criticised by this forum for not learning the Italian road rules and recognising the road signs. I agree it was my fault to a degree but felt it was important to warn other travellers of the cost of such violations and how easy it is to happen. In returning the Avis hire car to Florence I was also led by google maps to enter a restricted zone ( even if I had of known that it was restricted travel zone not just a restricted PARKING zone that I believed it was I could not have just stopped and turn around with cars behind me I had to go into the zone). That was another 108 euro. I later discovered that there is only one route by which a driver can return the vehicle to the Avis office in Borgo Ognissanti, 128 without incurring a fine. Did Avis / Budget warn of this when picking up the car at the airport? No. Did they provide a route map to avoid this violation? No. Florence and Arezzo are beautiful places to visit but I would suggest not attempting to drive in these areas at all. Avis charged 40 euros for advising the police of my address details regarding the fines - not once but twice - one for Arezzo violations and one for Florence. The total for these fines then amounted to 512 euro on a 128 euro car hire! Unfortunately due to the large amount of photographic equipment I was carrying I could not avoid using a hire car but if you can consider using a combination of taxis and trains it will be far cheaper in the long run. Also for those who jump on such comments with advice to foreigners that they should learn the road rules when travelling in another country - you try learning all the signs and individual rules for France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and Belgium to fulfil a working trip where every few days you were in another country - its not easy.

I've hired cars many times in France and never had a fine. In Italy it seems hard to avoid getting one.

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11. Re: Driving hire car to and from Arezzo from Florence

The mother of idiots is always pregnant.

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12. Re: Driving hire car to and from Arezzo from Florence

Thanks for your post, Curve1. I lived in Florence for a year, and avoided driving there as much as possible. Even when you know about the ZTLs, it is easy to get confused and end up inside of one. Especially when you are driving in a city that has lots of one way roads; and you are trying to translate the signs fast enough to make decisions without making all the drivers behind you angry.

We ended up with a ticket, too. So far only one--but it is not too late for additional ones to show up. Thanks for trying to warn others to be careful of this.

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13. Re: Driving hire car to and from Arezzo from Florence

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I was aware of the restriction zone in Florence, but didn’t know about it in Arrezo. By sharing your mistakes, you are helping a lot of people like me to avoid making the same mistakes. So I truly appreciate your posting.

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14. Re: Driving hire car to and from Arezzo from Florence

Expect to find a ZTL restricted zone in the centre of every settlement in Italy. You have to be looking for the ZTL sign and avoid driving past it. See driventoit.blogspot.com.au

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15. Re: Driving hire car to and from Arezzo from Florence

With respect to the Garage Europa, approaching the bridge one is OK if proceeding no further east, because that's where the ZTLs are. So without wandering into bus lanes it is a very simple route, and dumping the car there is much quicker than at Via Palagio degli Spini , the complex near the airport, taxi required to get to town.

Marco Island...
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16. Re: Driving hire car to and from Arezzo from Florence

How long would it take, and how much would it cost to hire a Taxi OR get an Uber, from Florence to Arezzo??

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