STJ and STX Recommendations

My partner and I have traveled to STT twice in the past 9 months and really enjoyed our time. We mostly spent it at Sapphire. We stayed in one of the complexes on the beach and were able to spend 8+ hours per day in the sun. We also enjoy snorkeling. For us this is great because we can make a long weekend feel well worth the trip. The one negative is the lack of diverse food options, but we love getting the hot dishes from Food Center, so that is our go to. Also the woman selling the empanadas on the way there. If we could find a lot of food like that literally on a beach, it would be heaven.

We are thinking to come back to USVI in a few months and stay about a week. I was wondering if anyone could recommend spots we could stay in STJ and STX that would be similar? We normally do Airbnb, so I'm looking for general areas as opposed to specific hotels. As a point of reference, our other top Caribbean beach destinations are Martinique and Guadeloupe. I very much appreciate any suggestions/recommendations. Thank you!