A few questions for a trip next year

Hello all - We are planning to spend January and February of 2022 in Puerto Rico (here's hoping things are back to normal by then!). We will be staying in an airbnb on the beach in Vega Baja. My husband will be working remotely, but we should have plenty of time on the weekends to explore as much of the island as we wish. However, I would like to take a few days in the middle for a little mini vacation to go to Vieques, and I have a few questions.

1. Is Vieques more busy on the weekends, or is it pretty much the same all week? I am flexible with when we come, although I am planning it around the new moon on February 1 for the bio bay.

2. I have narrowed it down to two airbnb's on opposite sides of the island. One is in Esperanza and the other is up north near the ferry terminal. Both are right at the beach. Are there advantages/disadvantages to either location? I really can't decide between them. The only thing I was thinking was that maybe in Esperanza we could have a couple of days without a car and a couple of days with? It seemed like there were some things to do within walking distance there.

3. How far in advance can/should I book my flights for this?

4. Does it make sense to do a couple of days in Luquillo/El Yunque at the beginning or end of this trip? I thought it might be nice to explore some eastern things while we are over there. Or is there anything else you would recommend combining with a trip to Vieques?

I really appreciate any guidance!