How Marriott International Manages Hundreds of Restaurants with Tripadvisor

Marriott International is a leading operator of restaurants and bars in the Middle East and Africa. With more than 900 restaurants and bars across their portfolio of hotels, they’re focused on hospitality at scale. Here’s how they used Tripadvisor Ads and Premium to grow their business — even increasing their listings traffic by 87%.

Welcome to Marriott International, Middle East and Africa

Marriott International is no stranger to travelers. With so many people coming through their doors, a strong food and beverage strategy is essential to creating the best travel experience. “From destination restaurants to neighborhood cafes and bustling bars, we aim to create locally relevant and tailored experiences for our guests in the region,” says Moeko Caroline Le Bourhis, the Senior Food and Beverage Marketing Manager.

Since the Middle East and Africa is such a large and diverse region, there’s really no specific type of traveler that Marriott caters to, focusing instead on the overall experience. Says Le Bourhis, “People love to visit destinations that offer great food, so it’s extremely important for us to create compelling, evolving and locally relevant concepts for our guests to experience and talk about.”

The Challenge: Consistent, Great Experiences at Scale

Even with Marriott International’s scale, competition is fierce, so they use Tripadvisor Ads to boost their presence. “It is a very competitive landscape in the region when it comes to restaurants and bars,” says Le Bourhis. “It’s important for us to stay ahead of the game when it comes to understanding the evolving preferences and needs of our guests.”

Making sure that each restaurant is successful is no small feat, and that’s where Tripadvisor helps out. “Tripadvisor is a globally renowned platform and is well-known in all our target markets; among both travelers and residents. It is a channel that is extremely credible and is often the go-to portal for many when planning a trip to a destination,” says Le Bourhis.

Results: More Traffic and More Bookings

Once the team perfects a concept at a given location, Marriott International uses Tripadvisor Ads to attract more guests. “Our first step for us to ensure our outlets have their own identity and understand how they differentiate themselves from other restaurants or bars,” says Le Bourhis. “Online marketing then plays a key role in positioning and driving awareness of our restaurants and bars.”

With Tripadvisor Ads, Marriott International web pages increased their traffic by up to 87%. Plus, new visitors coming to their page are more interested in their offerings. With Tripadvisor Ads, Marriott increased the engagement on their listings by 52%.

While every restaurant is different, each has their own story to tell. With Tripadvisor Premium, Marriott International can make sure each restaurant stays on-brand. “Tripadvisor Premium helps optimize content and differentiate our restaurants, which is great for guests who are looking for reviews and specific information about the venue,” says Le Bourhis. “The online presence of Tripadvisor is significant, which makes it important for our restaurants and bars to have its best content on there.”

Tripadvisor has helped us reach more diners...For some of our restaurants, the number of site visits has doubled. Moeko Caroline Le Bourhis

Senior Food and Beverage Marketing Manager, Marriott International

With Tripadvisor Premium, each restaurant can put its best foot forward. “Tripadvisor Premium enables us to present more enticing content through the Storyboard, Top 3 Reasons, and Favorite Review features, which eventually push people to book.”

Ultimately, Marriott International’s investment in Tripadvisor has paid off. “Tripadvisor has helped us reach more diners,” says Le Bourhis. “We see an increase in traffic for restaurants that have subscribed to Tripadvisor Premium. For some of our restaurants, the number of site visits has doubled since [subscribing.]”

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Last Updated: 30 October 2019
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