How Restaurants Succeed Online [Infographic]

A study by Strategy&, a division of PwC, shows that there are five key actions a restaurant can take to succeed online. We put together their top takeaways from the study into one handy infographic.

How Businesses Thrive Online From Planning to Booking

In 2018, Tripadvisor and TheFork influenced nearly $8 billion in global diner spending, representing 320+ million additional meals in restaurants.*

It’s easy to make the most of this opportunity for your business. Click on the infographic below to learn how:

Engaging with your guests online can help take your business to the next level. It’s free and easy to get started with Tripadvisor.

Learn how this impacts your business

*Methodology: The 2019 Restaurants Economic Impact study analyzed data from 2018, including sector sales and number of restaurant locations at the global level, and in 6 major markets where TheFork and Tripadvisor do business (i.e., US, UK, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands). The study also analyzed internal and historical data on Tripadvisor and TheFork partner restaurants, including number of restaurants, rates, number of bookings, level of discounts, number of persons under bookings and number of reviews, photos, management responses, etc. Finally, PwC surveyed restaurant clients in the 6 markets included in the scope of the study, which generated 2,127 respondents total and allowed, together with the industry data collected, to compute the incremental revenue impact of Tripadvisor and TheFork on the restaurant market.

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Last Updated: 29 October 2019
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