How Tripadvisor Reviews Influence Dining Decisions

Tripadvisor partnered with Ipsos MORI to survey 20,000+ Tripadvisor users across 12 markets to find out the answer to one question: How powerful are Tripadvisor reviews?

Reviews Matter to Diners

Reviews make up a key component of any online reputation. But when it comes to choosing a place to eat, a place to stay, or an experience, reviews are generally the most trusted source of information after recommendations from a friend.

Trusted Channels for Advice on Hotels, Restaurants and Experiences

Friends' recommendations

Review sites

Guide books

Bloggers and influencers

When it comes to choosing a particular restaurant, reviews are the most important factor, higher than price or location. 91% of respondents said that reading restaurant reviews were important when choosing a place to eat, and 77% of respondents said that they always or frequently use Tripadvisor when making decisions on where to eat.

Degree of Importance of Reading Tripadvisor Reviews

Very/Fairly Important

Not Very/Not at All Important




On average, diners view 5 different restaurants, reading about 8 reviews per restaurant, before making their decision on where to eat.

Number of Restaurants Viewed Before Making a Decision

Number of Reviews Read for Each Restaurant

Whether or not you have Tripadvisor reviews matters to your potential customers. Over a third of our respondents would not book a restaurant if it didn’t have any reviews.

Keeping a steady stream of reviews for your business can create a positive feedback loop — more reviews means more customers, which in turn means more reviews. For our tips on how to get more reviews for your restaurant, click here.

Diners Trust Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is seen as independent and trustworthy because of the quality and breadth of content. In fact, 70% of respondents read reviews of potential restaurants, hotels, and experiences because they believe they are descriptive and helpful and 62% read reviews because they believe they are accurate and reliable representations of the place.

Review Quality





In general, travelers trust Tripadvisor. When it comes to restaurants, an overwhelming 89% of respondents said that their restaurant experience was accurate compared to the reviews on the site. Your restaurant reviews help make up a bigger picture of your brand for potential customers.

The Majority of Diners Leave Positive Reviews

Those who do write reviews tend to do so for positive reasons, whether to share a good experience or to give back to the Tripadvisor community. More than four out of five of respondents left a review at a restaurant, hotel, or attraction because they wanted to share a great experience. This matches up with the average worldwide restaurant bubble rating on Tripadvisor: 4.2 out of 5.

Your average Tripadvisor user is savvy enough to know that one negative review might not capture what it’s like to dine at your restaurant. If your average bubble rating is positive, then one negative review isn’t going to drag you down or keep customers from coming to your restaurant. 53% of respondents said they would book a restaurant even if it has one or two negative reviews.

Perception of Restaurants with One or Two Negative Reviews

And 78% of respondents said they focused on recent reviews — both positive and negative — to get the freshest perspective on a given location.

Make the Most of Your Reviews

The best way to capture the power of Tripadvisor’s restaurant reviews is to claim your listing — it’s free and easy to do so here — so you can start responding to reviews, updating your information, and more. You can add your voice to the conversation and show potential customers how much you care about their experience. For tips on how to get started responding to reviews, click here.

Harness the power of your reviews

*Methodology: The Power of Reviews project surveyed 23,292 Tripadvisor users across 12 markets (Australia, China, France, German-speaking, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States) between May and June 2019. The survey targeted users who had visited the site in the last 12 months. The sample is made up of Tripadvisor users who had opted into a survey panel and were invited to participate in the research via an email link directing them to an online survey platform. Ipsos MORI were involved in questionnaire design and data analysis. Results are weighted to represent the residency profile of Tripadvisor users across participating markets.

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Last Updated: 6 October 2019
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