How Word-of-Mouth Brings This Restaurant More Traffic

Santorini by Georgios, located in Miami Beach, Florida, knows a thing or two about delighting guests. For owner Georgios Vogiatzis and manager Claudia Angurell, balancing costs while creating an unforgettable experience is all in a day’s work. See how they use Tripadvisor to market their business, manage their reputation, and keep a full house.

Welcome to Santorini by Georgios, Miami, FL

Nestled on a warm and sunny beach in Miami, Florida sits a little piece of the Greek islands. Serving up seafood and surf with traditional Greek flavors is a specialty of Santorini by Georgios that is coveted by locals and travelers alike.

For Santorini by Georgios, everything is about satisfying the customer. What Santorini has discovered is that customers tend to drive more traffic when their individual experience is made a priority.

The Challenge: Getting the Most Return on Investment

In a competitive tourist destination like Miami Beach, rising prices and seasonality present a challenge. Georgios Vogiatzis, the owner, knows that the best way to counter rising operating expenses is not to raise prices, but to offer exceptional service.

Happy customers are happy story tellers. But in an expensive location, with sky-high rent only increasing, how do they do it? “[It’s all about] working with common sense and not by the rules of the business,” says Vogiatzis. “If the clients are happy, they will bring you more clients through any way: through word-of-mouth, through their text messages, and through online platforms.”

According to Vogiatzis, when you put your customers first, everything else falls into place. The next step? Making sure to follow up by responding to any reviews, phone calls, or emails from guests sharing feedback.

How Tripadvisor Changes The Game

That’s where Tripadvisor comes in handy. Vogiatzis, Angurell, and their staff utilize reviews on Tripadvisor to help them improve. Vogiatzis believes that his primary goal is ensuring guests have an exceptional experience in his restaurant, so he shows them that he is listening online as well. While it may seem a bit unorthodox, customers love Vogiatzis' hands-on approach and look forward to seeing him during their visits.

“I always say that there are two things that people look forward to most in this place. One is the Greek salad — and the second one is Georgios,” says Angurell.

Besides reviews, Tripadvisor Premium’s easy-to-use tools have been part of Santorini’s marketing from the beginning. Since Vogiatzis and Angurell value transparency and communication with their current and potential guests, one of their favorite Tripadvisor Premium features is Storyboard.

“We love the Storyboard the most because it is very interactive. You can have a mix of pictures, small phrases and the reviews that are most popular or the highlights of our place,” says Angurell.

Along with Premium, Tripadvisor Ads has also been a favorite for Angurell. “I monitor everyday how the Ad is doing and [it’s] performance,” says Angurell. For them, success is seeing return on advertising and marketing spend in the form of traffic. “It’s always important for businesses that when you spend on marketing and advertising, you are at least getting something back.”

For Vogiatzis, the investment has paid off. Customers are taking notice, tourists are visiting, and locals are becoming regulars. As for advice for other restaurants, says Vogiatzis: “Nothing comes by luck, everything requires feedback, and [above all else], the best success is the clients.”

Learn more about Storyboard and other Premium features.

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Last Updated: 10 August 2019

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