How This Restaurant Brings In 80% of Their New Customers

Almar Tenerife has been using Tripadvisor since it opened a few years ago. With the power of Ads and Premium, they can tell their story — and drive new customers.

At Almar Tenerife, you’ll have a front row seat to watch the sun slowly dip below the horizon. Pair your sunset view with delicious fresh lobster, oysters, and mussels, prepared with freshly caught, local seafood. With only six employees servicing 45 diners a night, Almar Tenerife understands how to balance beauty, taste, and the customer experience, which is reflected by their 4.5 average bubble rating and 2019 Certificate of Excellence.

“Almar was born out of friendship,” says Angeles Ramirez, the Marketing Manager. “People come from all over the world to Tenerife, and we cater to a variety of languages, tastes and cultures.”

The Challenge: The Best Guest Experience

The challenge? Making sure Almar Tenerife is the best in the area in taste, service, and atmosphere. “One of our challenges is to always make sure our guests have the best possible experience” says Ramirez. “We want them to leave happier than how they arrived.” Their marketing strategy directly addresses this challenge. “We communicate experiences,” says Ramirez. “It’s not only about eating well, but having a good time.”

How They Use Tripadvisor Premium

That’s where Tripadvisor comes in. Almar Tenerife has been using Tripadvisor since they opened. “Tripadvisor is where we tell our story,” says Ramirez. “Our listing gives a preview of the experience we want them to have at our restaurant.”

For Ramirez, that means focusing on his restaurant photography. “We always upload quality photos that show alluring dishes, beautiful sunset views, and our tables and decor — what our restaurant is known for,” says Ramirez. Tripadvisor Premium helps them curate their page to let diners know exactly what their brand is about. “They can find reviews, photos, our Storyboard and any information they need to make a reservation,” says Ramirez.

How They Use Tripadvisor Ads

80% of our new customers come to us from Tripadvisor. Angeles Ramirez

Marketing Manager, Almar Tenerife

“For us, Tripadvisor is fundamental,” says Ramirez. Tenerife is a popular travel destination for people across the globe, and they’re always looking for great local cuisine. With Tripadvisor Ads, Ramirez can showcase Almar Tenerife in the top spot for Tenerife as well as the top spot for seafood and other categories diners might be looking for. That way, she can bring in as many diners as possible.

That hard work has paid off. “With Tripadvisor Ads, we can draw in the travelers searching for restaurants in Tenerife,” says Ramirez. “80% of our new customers come to us from Tripadvisor.”

See how Tripadvisor Ads and Tripadvisor Premium work together to give you 55% more engaged traffic

See how Tripadvisor Ads and Tripadvisor Premium work together to give you 55% more engaged traffic

Last Updated: 16 July 2019

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