New Research: 2017 Tripadvisor Restaurant Marketing Study

The 2017 Tripadvisor Restaurant Marketing Study reveals the latest trends in restaurant marketing today

With over 4 million restaurants listed, Tripadvisor is one of the world’s largest restaurant sites.1 To learn more about the evolving marketing trends that are impacting restaurants today, we’ve surveyed our partners for their thoughts. The result is the largest Tripadvisor Restaurant Marketing Study to date -- spanning five markets including the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France and Italy.2 Read on for the latest restaurant marketing trends.

Time Invested in Restaurant Marketing

Time Spent: In the United States, nearly half of respondents spend less than 10% of their time on marketing activities. This is consistent with the majority of global respondents who also report spending 10% or less of their time on marketing activities (56%).

Employees and Consultants: Only 17% of United States survey respondents have hired a dedicated marketing employee and just 1% report using an outside marketing consultant. Globally, 9% of respondents have hired a dedicated marketing resource and 3% have hired a marketing consultant.

Time Spent on Marketing Activities by Country

Monetary Investments in Restaurant Marketing

Marketing Channels: The top 3 channels where US restaurateurs invest their marketing dollars are Social Media (82%), Print Advertising (68%) and Online Listing Services (56%).

Reputation or Social Monitoring Services: In the US, and across the globe, 13% of respondents report paying for a professional reputation or social media monitoring service.

Percentage of Owners Investing in Top 3 Marketing Channels

Effectiveness of Marketing Activities

Overall effectiveness: The vast majority of US respondents (85%) believe they should be doing more to promote their businesses. This compares to 71% of global respondents.

Effectiveness of channels: Worldwide, restaurateurs report that their most effective marketing channels for driving more business are Social Media (1), Online Listing Services (2) and Search Engine Marketing (3). Online voucher/coupon services were reported to be least effective by worldwide respondents. It’s interesting to note that Print Advertising is not among the top three most effective channels, despite its place among the top three most popular channels in which restaurants invest their marketing spend.

Restaurateurs Who Feel They Could Do More Promotion


Online Reputation Monitoring

Reputation Monitoring: In the United States, 94% of restaurateurs report that they are monitoring the reputations of their businesses. This is very consistent globally, with 93% of respondents indicating they’re monitoring their reputations regularly.

Frequency: The majority of worldwide restaurateurs report that they monitor their online reputation several times each week.

  • 1. Source: Tripadvisor log files, Q2 2016
  • 2. Methodology: The Tripadvisor Restaurant Marketing Study is based upon an online survey conducted in April 2017. A total of 2,157 surveys were completed in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France and Italy. The sample is made up of restaurateurs who have claimed their listings on Tripadvisor.

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Learn more about Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants

Last Updated: 27 June 2017

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