10 Tips to Get More Reviews With Review Express

Over 80% of accommodations worldwide invite guests to submit reviews.1 Reminder emails are a great way to generate fresh reviews, build ongoing relationships with guests and potentially impact your popularity ranking. Don’t have an email program in place? Tripadvisor’s Review Express, a free tool for sending reminder emails, can help!

1. Collect email addresses

Before guests depart, confirm that you have accurate email addresses on record.

2. Set guests’ expectations

Obtain permission to pass their details to Tripadvisor to facilitate review collection and tell them you'll be sending a Review Express email to collect their feedback.

3. Choose your “from” address wisely

Be sure it includes the name of the property or a key employee that is recognizable.

4. Use short and simple messaging

Shorter emails with clear, concise subject lines are most effective.  

5. Add custom touches

Include a signature with your name and role to make the email more personal.

6. Help your email get through

Avoid using multiple exclamation points and all capital letters in your subject line and message.

7. Avoid weekends and holidays

Send earlier in the work-week when people pay more attention to their email.

8. Send emails regularly

Ask guests for feedback within a few days of check out, when the experience is still fresh.

9. Say thank you

Use this opportunity to thank guests and encourage a repeat visit.

10. Test new things

Experiment with your “from” addresses, subject lines, messages and images.

Review Express Helps You:

  • Email up to 1,000 former guests at a time
  • Customize default messages in 20+ languages
  • Add images and save templates for later use
  • Automatically send follow up messages (optional)
  • Keep addresses secure ­— they’re only used for Review Express


  • 1. TripBarometer by Tripadvisor, an online survey conducted in Dec. 2012 – Jan. 2013 with 35,042 participants from 26 countries (www.tripadvisorTripBarometer.com)

Get started with Tripadvisor’s Review Express!

Get started with Tripadvisor’s Review Express!

Last Updated: 31 July 2013

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