Review Express Analytics in 5 minutes or less

When did you last have more than enough time to get everything done? If you can’t remember, then the Review Express Dashboard has been designed with your schedule in mind! In just five minutes, you can check these key indicators to see how your past campaigns performed and get ideas for new ones. Don’t believe it? Visit, select your property from the dropdown list, and start your stopwatch:

Minute 1: Take inventory

Review the cumulative stats on the total campaigns and emails sent, total opens and clicks, and the total reviews collected. Divide the number of opens by total emails sent to get your average open rate. For example, the average open rate here is almost 30%. Then do the same for clicks and reviews. Over time, make sure these metrics are trending up. If not, try out combinations of our 
Review Express tips to boost them.

Minutes 2 & 3: Scroll through recent reviews

Check out your recent reviews to see what’s going well at your property and what may need attention. Be sure to note the ones that need Management Responses later. If you don’t have recent reviews, the dashboard will provide some tips to try for future campaigns.

Minutes 4 & 5: Check campaign stats

Calculate your open rate (# Opens / # Sent), click rate (# Clicks / # Sent) and bounce rate (# Bounced / # Sent) for your last three campaigns. Are they better than your overall average from Step 1? If so, keep it up.

If your open rates are trending down, try varying your subject lines or sending your emails closer to when guests depart to make your messages more relevant to them. If your clicks are a problem, try including more personal messaging to guests. Don’t forget, a declining bounce rate is good because it means that more of your emails are being delivered. If this isn’t the case, focus on verifying your email addresses.

That’s it! Within five minutes, you’ll be ready to send another Review Express campaign that’s optimized based on your past campaigns (just click “Continue to send” to get started). Check out the Review Express dashboard at today!

Do bounces, clicks, AND opens have you seeing double? 

If so, here’s an email analytics cheat sheet:

Your overall Review Express history:

  • Total campaigns: Number of times you sent groups of emails to guests with Review Express
  • Total emails sent: Number of addresses you’ve mailed overall
  • Total opens: Number of Review Express emails viewed by users
  • Total clicks: Number of people who took action on all emails

For each campaign:

  • # Sent: Number of addresses mailed
  • # Opens: Number of emails viewed in the campaign
  • # Clicks: Number of people who took action on an individual campaign email
  • # Bounced: Number of emails that couldn’t be delivered


View your Review Express Dashboard now

View your Review Express Dashboard now

Last Updated: 17 January 2018

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