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Our products work together so you can get the most out of Tripadvisor. Here’s how.

Increase Your Tripadvisor Page Engagement

When it comes to your restaurant, it’s more important than ever to stand out in the crowd. Every day, millions of diners come to Tripadvisor looking for a great place to eat — how do you make sure they choose you? Once you’ve claimed and optimized your listing with our free tools, take your business to the next level with Tripadvisor Premium and Tripadvisor Ads. They work together to make sure you get the most out of Tripadvisor.

What Does Engagement Mean?

Tripadvisor Premium and Tripadvisor Ads both can increase your engagement, or your engaged traffic, on your listing. Another way to say this is “high-intent” traffic, meaning these browsers are actively looking for a place to eat and interested in coming to your restaurant. We define this type of traffic as anyone who clicked on the call, website link, reservation, or map buttons or has saved or shared your listing on Tripadvisor.

Build Your Business with Tripadvisor Premium

Tripadvisor Premium gives restaurant owners a chance to showcase their brand on the site. This includes powerful features such as:

Tripadvisor Premium gives you more control of your listing — and drives more business.

In fact, a recent Tripadvisor study* showed that restaurants that added at least one Premium feature saw 13% more engaged traffic on their listing, compared to before purchasing Premium. This means that Premium subscribers saw an increase in the number of people looking at their listing that are much more likely to visit the restaurant.

And upgrading to Tripadvisor Premium can increase your share of the engaged traffic in your market by up to 16%. That means that Premium subscribers see 16% more people who are much more likely to visit the restaurant compared to the pages of their competitors down the street that haven’t subscribed to Premium.

Tripadvisor Premium + Tripadvisor Ads = Maximum Visibility

Combine Tripadvisor Premium with the power of Tripadvisor Ads to maximize your brand visibility. Tripadvisor Ads helps you capture the attention of hungry diners searching for restaurants like yours with exclusive placements on Tripadvisor’s site. Using Tripadvisor Ads with Tripadvisor Premium has a cumulative effect, increasing the share of engaged traffic in a given market by up to 55%. That’s 55% more people on their page who are much more likely to visit their restaurant than on the pages of competitors down the street.

On average, our study also found that customers using both Tripadvisor Ads and Tripadvisor Premium:

  • Increased clicks on their reservation button by 35%
  • Saw up to a 36% increase in calls to their restaurant
  • Grew clicks to their website by 42%

After we upgraded to Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants, all of our statistics went up significantly. Phone calls went up as much as 250%, as well as a significant increase in hits on our own website. Chris Huston

Marketing Manager, Bodean's BBQ

See what Tripadvisor Premium + Tripadvisor Ads can do for you

*Source: 2018-2019 Tripadvisor Premium/Ads Data

Methodology: Data compares data over a period of seven months, excluding the month of purchase, from three months before becoming a Premium customer to three months after, adjusting for seasonality.

See what Tripadvisor Premium + Tripadvisor Ads can do for you

Last Updated: 15 May 2019
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