How to Set Up Direct Messaging from Diners

In addition to leaving a public review on Tripadvisor, diners can include feedback shared directly with you in your Tripadvisor inbox. Here’s how to set up and receive direct messages from diners.

What Is Direct Messaging?

Diners can now send you a direct message in addition to leaving a public review. They might offer a specific piece of feedback they’d rather not share publicly, mention a staff member by name, or add some additional context about their review that they want you to know. Direct messages will not appear on your public Tripadvisor listing — it’s simply a way for you to receive additional feedback about your restaurant.

From there, you can continue the conversation via your inbox. This response won’t be posted on your public Tripadvisor listing as a Management Response would.

Setting Up Direct Messaging

If you're the only owner associated with your location, you will automatically be set up to receive direct messages from diners. If there are multiple owners, one person will be assigned as the point of contact. Since only one person from a given restaurant can respond at a time, so be sure to discuss with your staff who is the best to field these responses. If you change your mind, don’t worry — just have the new point of contact follow these steps below.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to setting up a new point of contact:

  1. You’ll receive this message only if you’ve first claimed your Tripadvisor listing — it’s easy and free to do so here.
  2. Once you’ve claimed your listing, log in to the Management Center. You’ll see a section titled “Messaging Settings” under the “Business Details” section on the homepage.
  3. Click the “Turn on direct messaging” button and check the box to indicate that you are the point of contact for all direct messages from diners.

If you’ve turned off Tripadvisor’s private messaging through your Tripadvisor inbox, you’ll need to go to your profile settings and turn it back on to be able to receive these messages. Click the “Go to settings” button to do so.

Once you’ve turned on direct messaging, you should see your name — or the name of one of your staff members — as the “Point of Contact” under “Messaging Settings.”

If another member of your team is the point of contact, you can change it at any time to yourself by clicking their name and then checking the box to indicate that you are the point of contact.

To see and respond to your direct messages, click on the inbox icon on the top right hand corner of the Management Center. Learn more about our tips for responding to your direct messages here.

See your Direct Messages

See your Direct Messages

Last Updated: 3 May 2019
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