Who Searches for Restaurants on Tripadvisor?

While Tripadvisor is known around the world as a brand built for travelers, new research suggests that locals love us too — particularly when it comes to finding a place to eat.

You already know that Tripadvisor is the world’s largest travel site, but we’re also one of the world’s largest restaurant sites,* which means you’ll find more than just travelers discovering your restaurant. When it comes to traffic to your Tripadvisor listing, it’s a mix of both travelers and locals.

Local vs. Traveler Searches on Tripadvisor

Our analysis showed the percentage of locals searching for restaurants on Tripadvisor to be in some cases up to almost 60%. Here’s the breakdown by market:

Percentage of Local Searches by Country, May to December 2018



Seasonality impacted whether or not locals were searching for restaurants. When we compared searches from Summer (May to August) against searches from Fall (September to December), we found the percentage of locals searching for restaurants increased in the Fall. France, Italy, and Spain saw the largest increases in local restaurant searches, hovering around 20%, while the US and UK each saw about a 6% increase.

How Local Search Increased by Market

The Top Choice for Travelers and Locals Alike

It’s no surprise that up to 96% of our respondents in a recent survey told us they use Tripadvisor while looking to a place to eat while traveling. We also learned, though, that the majority of respondents across the U.S. and Europe also prefer to use Tripadvisor compared to other options while at home. For both travelers and locals, Tripadvisor remains the top choice to discover great places to eat.

While Traveling

At Home

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Methodology: We took a look at all of our restaurant traffic and searches from May to December 2018, defining local as anywhere within 50 miles of a diner’s location.

*Source: Jumpshot for Tripadvisor Sites, worldwide, December 2018

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Last Updated: 28 February 2019

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