Turn Excellent Reviews Into Restaurant Marketing Magic

Turn your reviews into marketing for your business with these creative restaurant marketing ideas from real restaurants around the globe.

Make Your Reviews Work Harder

Your hard work and great food have earned you well-deserved positive reviews. Now it’s time to make those words of praise work for you by using them in your restaurant’s marketing materials.

Featuring Tripadvisor reviews lends your marketing a sense of credibility. It’s a concept psychologists call “social proof,” which essentially means that humans look to see what others do before making a decision.

The fact that positive reviews from Tripadvisor drive business to your restaurant is a testament to the power of social proof. But the impact of these reviews need not be limited to browsers on Tripadvisor. We’ve put together some creative ways you can incorporate your reviews into your online and offline restaurant marketing to better persuade potential diners that your restaurant is the one they should choose.

Real-Life Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Use your restaurant concept to your advantage. This is where you can get quirky, creative, and truly you because you own the space. Think about using your built-in signage, sidewalk real estate, or your door and window spaces as places you can draw in passerby. Plus, it’s easy and free to request Tripadvisor-branded materials for your restaurant here.

Post Your Reviews Around Your Restaurant

Grab attention with a selection of your reviews as a flyer on your window next to your menu — simply let the reviews tell the story. Or, pull some of your favorite quotes from recent reviews and turn it into a piece of wall art on your patio or in your waiting area like this London pub.

Joke About Your Reviews

Have a bad review? Use your sense of humor to your advantage and aim for a few laughs — this approach could even go viral like this Irish cafe advertising the “worst salad one woman on Tripadvisor ever had in her life.”

Encourage Online Engagement with Creative Signage

This Roman gelato shop co-opted several of their bestselling flavors and turned them into a sign for different social networks encouraging patrons to share their experiences and like their pages. Think about the food you offer and how you can incorporate it in a fun, silly way to grab diners’ attention and encourage more reviews and likes.

And if you’re looking to gather more reviews, it doesn’t hurt to compliment your diners. This restaurant asked customers to “Please rate us on Tripadvisor, you gorgeous specimen of a human being.”

Online Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Social proof isn’t limited to the physical confines of your restaurant. Incorporating Tripadvisor into your existing online restaurant marketing efforts is easy — here are a few ideas:

Use Review Quotes in Social Media

Struggling to find a caption for your Instagram or Facebook post? Use a recent review like this Connecticut winery did on their Facebook page above.

Show Off Your Reviews or Awards

Celebrate your recent five-bubble reviews, post pictures of your Tripadvisor window sticker, or showcase your awards by posting a screenshot or picture of a printout to your other social media channels, like this example showcasing their new Certificate of Excellence on Instagram Stories.

Add a Virtual Sticker to Your Website

Want to customize your website with a Tripadvisor logo, image asking for reviews, or a thank you note? You can download a whole selection of materials to use on your website here.

Display Reviews Directly on Your Website

Add our free review widget, allowing you to display your recent reviews directly on your website. You can read more about widgets and how to use them here.

Now It’s Your Turn

Ready to try some of these ideas for yourself? Claim your restaurant’s Tripadvisor listing — it’s free and easy to do so here — to respond to reviews, order Tripadvisor stickers, and more.

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