How This Restaurant Group Increased Booking Interest with Tripadvisor

Bodean’s, a small chain of barbecue restaurants in London, uses Tripadvisor as a crucial part of their online footprint. Here’s how they use Tripadvisor to increase their bookings.

Welcome to Bodean’s BBQ, London

When you think of spare ribs, pulled pork, and chicken wings, you’re probably thinking of Texas, not London. But Bodean’s BBQ has found their niche for Britons craving a taste of the American South.

With seven locations around the city, there’s plenty of opportunity to stop in for a pint or two. Bodean’s lets you kick back, relax, and enjoy good food and good company in a lively atmosphere. The restaurant has thousands of reviews and averages 4 / 5 bubbles depending on the location.

The Challenge: Optimize Online Presence

With seven locations, it’s a real challenge to coordinate operations and keep everything consistent, especially when it comes to marketing. In a competitive market like London, Bodean’s makes it a priority to optimize every aspect of their online presence, from their mobile-friendly website to review sites like Tripadvisor.

Says Marketing Manager Chris Huston, “I took control of our Tripadvisor [listing] with the aim of optimizing our profiles to showcase our menu items and general atmosphere of branches.”

That’s easy to do with Tripadvisor Premium.

How They Use Tripadvisor

“[Tripadvisor Premium] has created a much more appealing profile,” says Huston.

The Bodean’s team started with Storyboard, which allows them to create an eye-catching first impression with dynamic on-page content. “A significant portion of our visitors now see our chosen images through Storyboard, which we update with timely promotional imagery, giving more awareness of our upcoming events and promotions,” says Huston.

Then, Huston customizes the Top 3 Reasons for each location to customize what makes that specific restaurant special. Says Huston, “[It’s] another useful way to highlight location-specific details as well as group features to attract our target demographic.”

The Results

“I have found Tripadvisor to be a crucial part of our online footprint and the features available give us the ability to put our very best foot forward.” Chris Huston

Marketing Manager, Bodean's BBQ

Upgrading to Tripadvisor Premium significantly increased Bodean’s performance. “After we upgraded to Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants, all of our vanity stats [like page visitors, search display, and clicks] went up significantly,” says Huston. “But the real benefit has been that phone calls went up significantly, as much as 250% in some cases, as well as a significant increase in hits to our own website.”

More phone calls and more website hits mean more bookings for the restaurant. Says Huston, “I have found Tripadvisor to be a crucial part of our online footprint and the features available give us the ability to put our very best foot forward.”

Get started with Tripadvisor Premium

Get started with Tripadvisor Premium

Last Updated: 26 November 2018

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