Where Restaurants Can See Their Performance on Tripadvisor

Want to see how your restaurant listing is performing? We'll walk you through all of the places you can find your listing’s performance data in your Tripadvisor Management Center.

Once you’ve claimed your Tripadvisor listing — which is free and easy to do here — you can see how your restaurant listing is performing in a few places in the Management Center:

Today, we’ll walk through each dashboard, the metrics you’ll find in each, and why they’re important for your business.

Your Management Center Homepage

Your homepage serves as your command center for managing your business. Scroll down to “Performance Trends” to get an at-a-glance snapshot of how your page is performing month-over-month.

You’ll see sections on:

  • Page Performance: Understand high-level traffic indicators, including where you’re appearing on search, and for Premium customers, Storyboard and Favorite Review views
  • Review Performance: See your number of reviews, sentiment analysis, photo uploads, and how many people browsed through your photos
  • Customer Actions: Learn how your page is converting diners with calls, website clicks, map clicks, and reservation clicks

If you want to dive deeper, click the blue “See all” text at the top of the module, which will take you to...

Your Performance Dashboard

Your Performance Dashboard gives you a comprehensive look at your listing’s performance. With sections on your Tripadvisor ranking, page traffic, review performance, and photos, you’ll be able to drill down into the key metrics that indicate how your page is performing.

Get to the dashboard by choosing “Performance Dashboard” under the “Performance” tab.

To walk through each section of this dashboard and what each metric means for your business, click here.

You’ll see at the bottom of your Performance Dashboard a section titled “Visitors Also Viewed.” This section gives you a sense of your true competitors on Tripadvisor. To see how you compare, click the blue “See Competitor Details” button, which takes you to...

Your Competitor Dashboard

Your Competitor Dashboard gives Tripadvisor Premium customers a chance to see how their restaurant’s listing performs head-to-head against other restaurant listings. If you have Tripadvisor Premium, you can choose up to five key competitors are in your area. Compare your Tripadvisor ranking, bubble rating, number of reviews, and how many Excellent, Good, Average, Poor, or Terrible reviews you’ve each received.

Access this dashboard either by clicking the “Competitor Details” tab on the Performance Dashboard or directly by choosing “Competitor Set” under the “Performance” tab in the top navigation.

For a more in-depth explanation of how to set up your Competitor Dashboard, click here.

Your Ads Performance Dashboard

Available for Tripadvisor Ads customers, your Ads Performance Dashboard will show you how your Ads are performing, preview how your Ads appear on the site, and calculate your overall return on investment. You’ll be able to easily understand how many people saw your Ad, how many people visited your page by clicking that Ad, and what actions they’re taking as a result, like clicks to your website or reservation page.

Once you’ve set up your Tripadvisor Ads, choose “Ads Performance” under the “Advertising” tab to access the dashboard.

For a comprehensive guide on everything the Ads Performance Dashboard covers, click here.

See your performance

See your performance

Last Updated: 6 December 2017

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