How Miramar Brings In Over 150 Diners Per Night With Tripadvisor

Restaurant Miramar, a seaside restaurant in Mallorca, Spain, sees more than 150 diners per night during the summer season. Here’s how they use Tripadvisor Ads and Tripadvisor Premium to build their brand and keep their restaurant busy all year long.

Welcome to Restaurant Miramar, Mallorca

Nestled under a grove of palm trees, this seaside restaurant boasts more than great food. If you dine at Restaurant Miramar, you’ll find yourself sipping wine while watching the sun set slowly over Port D’Alcudia.

Located on the Paseo Marítimo, Restaurant Miramar serves tasty and authentic Mediterranean cuisine to locals and travelers from around the world. And they’ve been doing it as a family since 1871.

The restaurant has more than 600 reviews, an average bubble rating of 4.5/5 and a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence. In high season, the business has 30 employees who deliver an impeccable dinner service to over 150 diners each night. The rest of the year, the restaurant focuses on lunch service and weekend meals.

The Challenge: Standing Out in the Crowd

Mallorca is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe — not just for travelers from other countries, but for Spanish tourists, too. “Our biggest challenge is to make our restaurant known [to locals and to tourists], and to know the characteristics that differentiate us from the other establishments around,” says Jaime Solé, Miramar’s General Manager. “We are looking to stand out in Alcudia by offering high-quality food and the best service to our customers.”

But with hundreds of restaurants for diners to choose from, how do they do it?

Miramar focuses on their brand to set them apart. “To reach this goal, we are committed [to using] Tripadvisor and TheFork daily. We have been [using] these two portals for the last three years.”

How They Use Tripadvisor

“We made an important effort to publicize our restaurant," says Solé. "We have enabled online reservations and we highlight the reviews that we think are most interesting, which we can easily do with the tools provided by Tripadvisor Premium and Ads packages.”

Tripadvisor Premium helps Miramar manage their brand and put their best foot forward. Storyboard gives them the opportunity to make a great first impression with potential customers visiting their Tripadvisor listing. “The image carousel is very interesting and visual,” says Jaime Solé. “The ability to highlight [our Favorite Review] is a tool that has helped us showcase great diner feedback. We can choose a review that truly reflects our food offerings and our service.”

Tripadvisor Ads serves as a great compliment to their listing, enabling Miramar to attract diners from around the world. “Tripadvisor Ads have allowed us to be in a prominent position,” confirms Solé. “As a result of using Ads, we have managed to reach [customers in] new markets that may never previously have found our restaurant,” Solé says.

The Results

“These two tools to improve our online marketing have increased visits to our restaurant — that, for us, is the best benefit.”

Jaime Solé

General Manager, Miramar

With Tripadvisor, Miramar has been able to build their brand and reach new prospective customers worldwide. Says Solé, “Tripadvisor Premium and Tripadvisor Ads have increased visits to our restaurant — that, for us, is the best benefit. We recommend Tripadvisor Premium and Ads to other restaurant owners.”

Build your brand with Tripadvisor Ads and Tripadvisor Premium

Build your brand with Tripadvisor Ads and Tripadvisor Premium

Last Updated: 15 September 2018

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