How to Choose Your Top 3 Reasons

Available for Tripadvisor Premium subscribers, Top 3 Reasons helps you showcase what makes your restaurant special.

As a restaurant owner, you are best-equipped to tell diners what sets your restaurant apart. For Tripadvisor Premium subscribers, we’ve made it easy to surface why your restaurant is special and why a potential diner should choose your restaurant over a competitor’s. With Top 3 Reasons, you can turn the reviews and photos diners are already posting on your listing into a powerful marketing tool — or write your own.

But how do you choose what to feature?

Define Your Brand

The first step in choosing your Top 3 Reasons is to determine what defines your brand. Your brand encapsulates who you are as a restaurant and why someone would come to eat there. This starts with your concept — a fine-dining farm-to-table establishment is dramatically different from a Mexican-Korean fusion food truck.

Then, think about that extra “wow” factor you incorporate into your restaurant. Whether it’s your impeccable service, fast turnaround times for your orders, or an extensive wine list, determine what it is about your restaurant that makes diners want to come back again and again.

Finally, listen to your customers. Look at your top-selling menu items and read through your four- and five-bubble reviews to see if there are any patterns of what people love. These things together make up your brand — and that’s what you want to feature with your Top 3 Reasons.

Choose Your Content

It’s a good idea to choose three very different aspects of your business. If you’re still not sure what you want to feature, you can follow this template:

  • 1 Top Reason about your cuisine overall or a specific dish you’re known for
  • 1 Top Reason about the dining experience, such as the service or atmosphere
  • 1 Top Reason about something special, such as outdoor seating, a seasonal menu, or live music

When you’re ready to select your Top 3 Reasons, you’ll want to start with your content, also known as review snippets. To select them, go to “Select Top 3 Reasons” under the “Manage Listing” tab. From there, choose “Edit Content,” and you’ll be able to read through all of your past reviews from the last year. Keep in mind that your review snippets must come from reviews that are less than a year old. Choose a relatively recent review to pull your snippet from and make sure you regularly update your Top 3 Reasons with fresh review snippets that exemplify your brand.

Start by searching for what you want to feature by keyword in the search box, or you can read through your reviews to see if anything jumps out at you. You’ll have up to 70 characters in each review snippet, so you’ll want to look for specific sentences and phrases within those reviews that best showcase what you want to feature.

While we recommend choosing review snippets for your Top 3 Reasons since they carry more weight with potential diners, you do have the option to write your own. This is also a great choice if you are a relatively new restaurant without a lot of reviews. If you choose this, however, you’ll have to write all three of your snippets — at this time, you aren’t able to mix reviewer-submitted content with owner-created content.

Choose Your Photos

Once you’ve chosen your review snippets, you can choose your photo by clicking “Edit Photo.” You can look through your Management Photos or select one from a traveler. Regardless of which set of photos you choose from, you’ll want to make sure you match the photo with the topic of featured review. For example, if you’ve chosen a review snippet that talks about your phenomenal grilled chicken, you should include a photo of that dish.

Note that to be able to use the Top 3 Reasons feature, you must have at least three photos on your listing. If you don’t see an existing photo that appeals to you, you can upload photos of your own by selecting “Photos” under the “Manage Listing” tab.

Where Your Top 3 Reasons Will Appear

Your Top 3 Reasons will appear in a new section on your restaurant’s listing page in between the Overview and Reviews sections. Before anyone reads a review of your restaurant, you can set the tone with what makes you stand out with Top 3 Reasons.

If you have travelers from around the world visiting your restaurant, you can create Top 3 Reasons in other languages by using the language dropdown on the top right hand side of creation page.

How to Edit Your Top 3 Reasons

To choose or edit your Top 3 Reasons:

  1. Log in to the Management Center. If you’re not already a Premium subscriber, you’ll need to upgrade your account.
  2. Choose “Select Top 3 Reasons” from the “Manage Listing” dropdown.
  3. Click the orange “Get Started” button.
  4. For your first reason, choose the green “Edit Content” button to read through your reviews. You can filter them by keyword if you’re looking for a particular dish or topic to feature.
  5. Click the circle in the top right hand corner of the review to select it as your snippet. From there, you can highlight the specific words you want to include, up to 70 characters. Click the orange “Submit” button in the bottom right hand corner of the review.
  6. If you would rather write your own snippet, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click the blue “Enter Free Text Mode” button. From there, you can write your description and title. Note that if you choose this option, you must write all three of your review snippets.
  7. The Snippet Title defaults to the title of the review, but you can edit it in the “Add Snippet Title” box if you wish, up to 30 characters.
  8. Then, choose the green “Edit Photo” button to look through your traveler and Management Photos.
  9. Select the photo that best matches the review snippet.
  10. When you’re happy with all three selections, click “Preview to Publish” to see what your Top 3 Reasons will look like to potential diners on your page. You can continue editing, or when you’re ready, click “Publish.”

And there you go! Your Top 3 Reasons should be live on your listing in minutes.

Optimize your listing with Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants

Optimize your listing with Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants

Last Updated: 30 August 2018

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