How to Improve Your Tripadvisor Restaurant Ranking

Tripadvisor’s Head of Restaurant Products, Gerard Murphy, breaks down exactly what goes into Tripadvisor restaurant rankings — and what you can do to improve yours — in this short video. Watch below or read on for a transcript.

Here at Tripadvisor, we help hundreds of millions of diners search for restaurants just like yours. And we want nothing more than to recommend great restaurants to diners and to connect restaurant owners with potential customers.

Part of that secret sauce of what makes Tripadvisor great is how we rank our restaurants. It’s based on three qualities of your reviews: ratings, recency, and relevance. We’ll walk through how all three of those work.


Ratings refers to the number of reviews you have on Tripadvisor. We want to showcase the restaurants with the most four and five bubble reviews for potential diners. All other things being equal, a restaurant with more five bubble ratings will rank higher than one with lower bubble ratings.


Recency refers to the number of new reviews for your restaurant. While older reviews still count toward your ranking, newer reviews better reflect the current experience of your restaurant. This is great news for restaurants, because no matter what your ranking is now, you always have a chance with newer reviews to improve your ranking. All other things being equal, a restaurant with more recent reviews will rank higher than one with older reviews.


When someone is searching for a place to eat, they don’t just search for restaurants in a city. They search for dinner or pizza or pad thai in a city. Because of this, you don’t have just one ranking for your restaurant. You have many rankings on all kinds of criteria, from meal type to cuisine type and everything in between.

Take the Brick Alley Pub in Newport, Rhode Island, for example. It’s ranked 11th overall in Newport, but it’s ranked fifth for lunch, second for hamburgers, and sixth for American food. So why does it rank higher for these sorts of cuisines and meal types than its overall ranking? That’s because there’s a higher percentage of four or five bubble reviews that mention lunch, hamburgers, or American food.

When you think about your ranking, think about what kinds of dishes and cuisines you’re exceptionally good at and see where you rank on Tripadvisor for those categories. This is a much better indicator of how likely someone will find your restaurant than your overall ranking.

How to Improve Your Tripadvisor Ranking

Ratings: Provide the best dining experience

The best way to increase your Tripadvisor ranking is the same things you’re already doing: Providing great hospitality and great food to hungry customers. The better dining experience you provide, the more likely you’ll receive a four or five bubble review.

Recency: Get more reviews

This is the easiest way to increase your Tripadvisor ranking. Ask your diners to leave reviews of your restaurant — if you’re not sure how to get started, we’ve put together some free tools you can use to collect more reviews.

Relevance: Encourage reviews of specific items

When you ask your diners for reviews, ask them to mention specific dishes or cuisines that they ordered. If they have your lasagna, for example, and they tell you it’s the best they’ve ever had, ask them to mention it in their Tripadvisor review. What that does is it makes it much easier for the diner to write the review, which makes it more likely that you’ll actually receive one, which will help you in your rankings for lasagna.

Learn more about the Popularity Ranking

Learn more about the Popularity Ranking

Last Updated: 14 August 2018

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